Most of us are used to paying for beer by the glass or pitcher. How about a system where you pay per ml of consumption? If you like the idea, then head to Café Mojo in Andheri and try it out. After its initial success in Goa and Mangalore, the restaurant has introduced the, E-Beer system, developed by Fiestaa (, at its Andheri outlet. As per the system, you are given a pre-paid card. You swipe the card at the beer tap on your table, and fill your glass.

Cafe Mojo
Café Mojo in Andheri has installed an e-beer system which allows one to pay per ml

You will be charged just for the quantity poured, nothing less or more. There’s no minimum cap on the quantity, and the cards come with lifetime validity.

We at the guide think you will love the idea, especially when you are on a budget, or part of a large group, as each person gets their own separate card that can be used across tables.

Right now, they serve only two beers — Kingfisher and Foster’s at R310 per litre — and are planning to add two more by February 2016.

The cards can also be used for food as well as other liquor products at the eatery. Watch out for our full review of this service.