Food poisoning fiasco: Now bring your own lunch, IIMUN tells students

Free symposium in another 4 months to allow participants ‘to complete conference successfully'

The Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) wants a do-over. In the wake of the food poisoning fiasco at all four venues of its much-hyped symposium on April 14, it has announced that it will host another conference — with free entry — in the city for all participants in four months. To be safe, it has asked the students to bring their own lunch.

Students taking part in the previous IIMUN meet

Around 300-400 students took ill on April 14 after consuming allegedly stale lunch supplied by food service provider Box8 at the venues of the conference.

In an announcement for all participants on Monday, Rishabh Shah, founder-president of IIMUN, said, “I know I have a responsibility towards all of you who attended the conference and fell ill because of the food you ate in IIMUN, Mumbai. Yes, it was Box8’s food and they should be held responsible, but it’s our moral obligation as well… I can’t see students missing out on a conference that they love and have prepared for because of stale food.” He said the decision was taken “to allow students to complete the conference successfully”. Shah signed off by telling participants, “This time, the food is the tiffin box you bring from home.”

The venue and dates of the conference will be announced soon. Meanwhile, the organisers submitted a letter to the CM’s office, asking it to freeze Box8’s business until the reports on the food poisoning are out.

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