If you live in Mumbai, it's hardly possible that you could have resisted the flavourful and rich Gujarati cuisine, one that boasts of a vast variety of dishes cooked in diverse styles. No matter where you have sampled this delicious cuisine, it's unlikely that it can match the taste of home-cooked Gujarati fare, especially during festive season. Meals are always an elaborate affair in Gujarati homes, especially those with large joint families.


If we have managed to get you hungry and thinking about the aroma that wafts from a Gujarati kitchen, we have a solution too. This one might be as close as it gets to getting yourself invited to someone's house for a Gujarati meal and it comes all the way from Surat. The Gracious Group has launched Khaan Paan, a unique concept of delivering delicious and mouth-watering combinations of heat-and-eat food from the traditional and innovative Gujarati cuisine.

They have tied up with well-known workshops in Surat, Gujarat, to deliver authentic Surati food to people across Mumbai. One of the specials on the menu is the very popular Surati Undhiyu which is prepared from vegetables, veritable spices and one of their key ingredients, the special Surati water. On August 15, they offered a combo of the sweet Matho and the spicy Chhinno, a dish made from minced American corn. These combos come handy when one is busy and doesn't have much time to prepare these tedious but delectable dishes on their own.

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, the menu will include delicacies like Surati Undhiyu, Toordal Pooranpoli and patties stuffed with potato and peas. This combo pack can easily serve three to four people.

This combo can be pre-booked till August 25
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