Bollywood actress Preity Zinta, a co-owner of IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab, has lashed out at a Mumbai tabloid for claiming that she abused the team's coach Sanjay Bangar after their recent one-run loss to Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Preity Zinta and Sanjay Bangar (inset)

A media report claimed that after the match at Mohali on Monday, she had a spat with Bangar, abused him and threatened to sack him.

The actress took to her Facebook page on Thursday to clear the air on the issue. She shared a strongly-worded post lambasting the media report.

Here's what she said: 

"A perfect example of how journalists lie blatantly and should be sued for defamation! For the record, I do have manners and I did go to school... I most definitely did not be disrespectful to our coach nor abuse any one and definitely did not use the four letter word. Your story reeks of sexism and is incorrect and exaggerated beyond words," she wrote.

Further clarifying her stance, Preity posted: "I did speak to Veeru and Sanjay for exactly 20 seconds and asked why Axe did not bat after which I congratulated Virat Kohli and spoke to him briefly as he walked up to me. After which I proceeded to have a chat with Shane Watson and then left the ground with my husband and in laws as we were in one car and I was disappointed."

"I will not deny that I was disappointed but how dare any journalist cook up a story with me as a villain. Just because I do not support 'paid media' or 'media net' does not mean I am a soft target," stressed Preity, who is in India with her American husband Gene Goodenough and his parents. (View photos)

Preity even pointed out the 'chauvinist and sexist undertone' to the report.

"Just because I am a woman you presume me to be a bimbo and know nothing about cricket even though I have been working in this sport and business for the past nine years."

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