Kamaal R Khan slapped with defamation case by Vikram Bhatt

Social media troll Kamaal R Khan has been slapped with a defamation case by Vikram Bhatt, who is now said to be considering moving the court of law as KRK has failed to respond to his legal notice.

Vikram Bhatt and Kamaal R Khan
Vikram Bhatt and Kamaal R Khan

Reportedly, Bhatt sent the notice following KRK’s nasty review of his film, 1920 London, last month, and for making a personal attack.

KRK posted a snap of the notice online and wrote:“Great director Vikram Bhatt has filed defamation case against me. Lol! Sir I will meet you in the court with proof. I just want to inform Mr. Vikram Bhatt that Meera Chopra herself told me the whole story... Now I will reveal in the court that how Vikram Bhatt tried to supply Meera Chopra to a well known producer by many dirty tricks.”

Bhatt’s advocate Rizwan Siddiquee says KRK was required to respond to the notice by Wednesday: “It is obvious he doesn’t have any reply or justification for his criminal acts. Instead, he has chosen to blatantly continue his criminal acts showing complete disregard to laws, and even had the audacity to outrage the modesty of my other client, Meera Chopra. He ought to realise that by such wilfulcriminal acts, he has rendered himself liable to be tried under various provisions of IPC. My clients have given me premptory instructions to proceed with the matter and duly protect their name, image and reputation, and secure punishment for Mr Kamaal Rashid Khan.”



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