March rains take Mumbaikars by pleasant surprise

Unexpected rains in the wee hours of Friday took Mumbaikars by surprise, as people flooded social media early in the morning by posting pictures and welcoming the showers.

Pic. Pradeep Dhivar

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) described the rains as neither routine nor a rare phenomenon as the forecast was for light rains in Mumbai for March 5-6, with cloudy sky. Considering the upper air cyclonic circulation in central Pakistan and adjacent western Rajasthan region, there is a possibility that the sky will remain cloudy.

Pic/ Atul Kamble

Speaking to mid-day, K S Hosalikar, deputy director-general (western region), IMD said that the weather is behaving as expected and while rains in March aren't a routine, they are neither very rare. "We have witnessed similar rainfall in 2006-07 as well as in 2015. The changes in weather are due to the upper air cyclonic activity and light rains are expected to drench Northen-Central and Konkan region of Maharashtra. There is also a patch of cloud on Northern Maharashtra, which will result in rainfall, probably for the next two days," said Hosalikar.

Pic. Pradeep Dhivar

The Disaster Management Cell of BMC said that since the rainfall was merely 2-4mm, no accidents have taken place due to the same. “There is no water logging in any part of the city, neither incidents of tree falls or electricity failures have been reports, said officials, adding that the rains are pleasant news for Mumbaikars.

Pic/ Nimesh Dave

On the other hand, the air quality index, System of Air-quality Forecast and Research (SAFAR) also showed a healthy side of the city with 179 as the current air quality index. The moderate air quality, as it's mentioned, will not affect healthy people at all but would create minor issues for the already asthmatics or patients of respiratory issues or breathing difficulties.

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