Microsoft to discontinue Internet Explorer?

According to recent reports, software giant Microsoft is planning to introduce a brand-new browser for Windows 10, marking the end of the line for Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer

According to an expert, the company will ship an entirely new web browser with the Windows 10 OS instead of retooling it the browser as Internet Explorer 12. It will be riding along as a backwards-compatible alternative.

The new browser, which is currently under development and is apparently codenamed, "Spartan" is being developed at Redmond.

Microsoft's patented Trident page rendering engine and its Chakra Javascript engine will be used for Spartan, which is expected to be a lighter and quicker version of Internet Explorer 11. It will also include proper extension support and is expected to be bundled with the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10.

The Internet Explorer brand turns 20 years in August 2015.

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