Mumbai Crime: Domestic help tries to poison scribe, family

The journo’s brother-in-law, who was visiting them, got medical help in the nick of time; the servant has fled

A journalist found himself on the other side of a news report on Wednesday, when a domestic help tried to poison him and his family. Fortunately, his brother-in-law, who was visiting them at their house at Khar, managed to get medical help for them in time.

The Thakkars have been admitted to the ICU at city hospitals
The Thakkars have been admitted to the ICU at city hospitals

On Wednesday, after Dharmesh Thakkar’s actress wife Garima arrived home from work at 9 pm, they and their son Aashray began to have dinner. His brother-in-law, Raghav Goel, was busy with some work and did not join them.

Santosh, the help
Santosh, the help

After a while when Goel decided to join them, he noticed the daal had an unusual colour. Police said he was suspicious and asked the domestic help, Santosh, about it a few times. Santosh did not reply. Goel tasted the daal and found it was bitter.

Soon Thakkar, Garima and Aashray began to complain of stomach pain. Seeing them rapidly worsen, Goel called for an ambulance and tried to get hold of Santosh, who fled.

The Thakkars were admitted to Hinduja Hospital. Their son Aashray was later taken to Lilavati Hospital.

Thakkar later said, “We have regained consciousness and have been advised further to stay in the ICU to remove the toxins from our bodies. We are really worried as Aashray is still in the Lilavati ICU and in severe trauma. The police has begun investigation and assured that the culprit will be arrested soon.”

The Khar police said the Thakkars had hired Santosh, a resident of Bihar, last month. They said what is missing from the house will come to light only after the family members are discharged from the hospital. Their statements have not yet been recorded.

Police speak
“We have lodged an FIR. We are looking for the accused and the intention will be clear when he is caught,” said DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni, police spokesperson.



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