Residents staying along the Jacob circle-Wadala Phase-II of the Monorail corridor will not have to face inconvenience due to waterlogging this monsoon, as Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) will be installing de-watering pumps near Currey Road, Mahadev Palav Marg (near Lower Parel station) and Arthur Road junction.

Monorail work in progress near Currey Road Station  fILE PIC
Monorail work in progress near Currey Road Station File Pic

The planning authority will be spending over Rs 30 lakh for the same. MMRDA officials alleged that the waterlogging due to overflowing sewer lines takes place near Currey Road as the BMC has not carried out the required work on these sewers. PRK Murthy, Chief, Transport & Communications, MMRDA, told Sunday mid-day, “We have identified a few locations in the Monorail Phase-II corridor where waterlogging takes places during the monsoon. We will be installing de-watering pumps at such locations.”

At present, the work of the Wadala-Chembur Monorail Phase-I has been completed. At these locations, MMRDA won’t be installing any pumps in flood-prone areas, as the roads have been handed over to the BMC. In case of the Jacob Circle-Wadala phase, the construction work is in progress and nearing completion. At most places, even the piers and girder installation has been completed.

“We will be installing de-watering pumps near Currey Road station, Mahadev Palav Marg and Arthur Road junction as there are chances of flooding in these areas during heavy rainfall when the sewer lines overflow. The BMC was supposed to carry out the sewer line work but due to some issue the same could not happen. As a precautionary measure, we will be installing de-watering pumps so that the commuters and locals don’t have to face inconvenience,” added an MMRDA official.

The Monorail Phase-II between Jacob Circle and Wadala passes through low-lying areas like Currey Road, Arthur Road and Mahadev Palav Marg, prone to waterlogging in the monsoon. Up to one foot of waterlogging is witnessed if there is continuous rainfall for more than three hours. During such time, the de-watering pumps will be helpful.