Murder most foul: Killing Sheena Bora in the car was actually Plan C

Aug 31, 2015, 11:00 IST | Shiva Devnath

In an indication of how meticulously planned Sheena Bora’s murder was, it has now come to light that at least two other ideas of where and how to murder her had been floated by Sanjeev Khanna and Indrani Mukerjea, before the duo agreed on the final plan — murdering her in a car and dumping her body in Raigad.

Sheena Bora

Police officials said that the first plan, which was suggested by Sanjeev, was to kill Sheena at her Mumbai residence, where she lived with Peter Mukerjea’s son, Rahul. Sanjeev had said that this would lead to Rahul being blamed. Indrani was not satisfied with this plan, however, and told Sanjeev that that they could land in trouble if anyone from the building identified them.

Indrani Mukerjea
Indrani Mukerjea

According to the police, Indrani suggested another line of action: Since Peter Mukerjea was out of town, Sheena could be called at Peter and Indrani’s Worli residence and be killed there. Sanjeev, however, said that this would lead to the police suspecting and interrogating them.

Recce, Murder, Dumping and Back: In 47 hours
The police have stitched together this sequence of events based on the Call Detail Records (CDRs) and statements given by Indrani Mukerjea, Sanjeev Khanna and Shyam Rai

23 April 2012
9 am: Driver Shyam Rai and Indrani leave for Raigad in a car to conduct a reconnaissance of possible areas to dump a body

11.30 am: Indrani calls Sanjeev Khanna and talks to him for seven minutes

1.37 pm: She books a room for Sanjeev at Hiltop Hotel in Worli

24 April 2012
1.47 pm: Sanjeev lands from Kolkata, takes a cab and reaches Hiltop

1.53 pm: Makes first call to Indrani, informs her that he has landed

2.38 pm: Calls Indrani and enquires about his room and whether everything is set
3.11 pm: Makes another call and discusses plan. Call lasts 9 minutes
6 pm: Indrani and Shyam pick up Sanjeev from Hiltop hotel
6.45 pm: The trio reaches Linking Road in Bandra and waits for Sheena
7.03 pm: Sheena reaches National College and sits in the waiting Opel Corsa car
7.16 pm: On Indrani’s directions, Shyam drives towards Navi Mumbai, deciding to take the Airoli route
8.27 pm: While driving on the Eastern Express Highway, Indrani asks Shyam to park the car. Shyam, who doesn’t know that Sheena has been drugged and lying unconscious, says he wants to answer nature’s call and gets out of the car. Indrani holds the unconscious Sheena’s hands, while Sanjeev strangles her. Shyam comes back after the deed is done and he’s asked to drive away. Since it is too late to go to Raigad, they decide to change the plan and Shyam suggests that the body should be dumped in a hilly tract near Lonavla

9.01 pm: They get scared after seeing a police nakabandi near Vikhroli on the Eastern Express Highway

9.14 pm: They take a U-Turn towards Worli, deciding to keep the body in the car in Peter’s garage

11.01 pm: They stuff Sheena’s body — which was lying on the seat, with the head on Indrani’s lap — into a bag and put it in the boot of the car

25 April 2012
12.19 am: Sanjeev leaves for Hotel Hiltop
12:30 am: Indrani calls Sanjeev and they discuss the plan for the morning
12:57 am: Indrani calls Shyam, who was in the car with the body in the boot
1.19 am: She calls him again, asks him to get ready
2.30 am: She comes down and they leave for Hiltop
2.47 am: Indrani, Sanjeev and Shyam leave for Gagode Budruk village in Raigad
4.21 am: They reach an area close to the village, drag out the body from the bonnet and head towards the jungle. Indrani panics and wants to get the job done as quickly as possible
4.33 am: She goes back to the car and waits for Sanjeev and Shyam
4.57 am:
Shyam pours petrol on the bag and Sanjeev lights a match to set the body alight

5:13 am: They leave and, 10 minutes later, take a U-Turn and drive by the spot to ensure that people haven’t gathered there
7:33 am: They reach Mumbai and split to leave for their respective destinations

Master plan

Cops said Sanjeev Khanna made the final plan in which he suggested that Sheena should be called for a meeting somewhere and they would strangulate her in the car. This plan got Indrani’s approval.

Sanjeev was picked up from Kolkata and arrested in the case
Sanjeev was picked up from Kolkata and arrested in the case

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