Dear Diana,
I got married five months ago. It was an arranged marriage. I recently came to know that my wife was not keen on the marriage as there was someone else on her scene. She was in a relationship with a guy since her college days. As her parents did not approve of him, she got married to me due to family pressures. When I questioned her she admitted to it. She said she was trying to forget the guy, but it was proving to be difficult. She told me she was still in touch with him and continuing with the affair. At the same time, she told me that her parents had told her to keep quiet about her affair. I got to know from one of her distant relative who does not have good ties with her folk. I am hurt and upset. Should I leave her? I am more upset about how her family members went about it. They cheated me and my family members were made taken for a ride.
— Anand

Dear Anand,
You say it was an arranged marriage, didn’t your folks do a thorough check on her background before fixing the match? Your life is all messed up. Her family hid the truth from you and lied to you. A relationship is based on trust. There is nothing left in your marriage. Your girl has been in touch with her guy even after getting married to you, so it is clear that she is still in love with him. She cares for him, not you. She and her family have cheated you. You need to take legal recourse to settle the wrongs. Her entire family has wronged you. It is a difficult time for you, but you will need a lot of strength as well as patience to go through this hell. She and her family need to be told that they cannot play with anyone’s life.