Pune Infosys rape survivor: Instead of saving me, he filmed my rape

Woman, who was raped at Pune's Infosys campus, says that the man she thought would be her saviour encouraged her rapist and taped the incident in the washroom

Concerns over the safety of women working at IT companies have arisen once again with the shocking rape of a 25-year-old cashier at the Pune campus of Infosys on Sunday. Two male housekeeping staffers followed her into the women's washroom, where one of them raped her while the other filmed the entire act. What has troubled the police though, is why the company did not report the matter immediately, instead of waiting for the survivor to approach the police the next day on her own.

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Infosys campus
Horror at hinjewadi: The incident took place in the women's washroom at the Infosys campus at Hinjewadi Phase I

The survivor and her husband hail from a farming family in Yevatmal, but moved to Pune last year in search of work, after crops were hit by the drought in Marathwada. While her husband is a peon at another office in Hinjewadi, she found a job at Infosys as the canteen cashier last month. This incident has, however, left her disillusioned with the city. "I do not want to stay in Pune any longer. This city has ruined my life. But I will fight to the end in the hope that the culprit will be punished," she told mid-day.

Prakash Mahadik filmed the act while canteen cleaner Paritosh Bagh (extreme left) raped her in the women’s washroom
Prakash Mahadik filmed the act while canteen cleaner Paritosh Bagh (below) raped her in the women's washroom

The survivor narrated the order of events that took place in a span of 15-20 minutes after she took a break from work at 5.30 pm to go to the restroom. The main accused — a cleaner at the canteen, Paritosh Bagh aka Purshottam (21) — barged into the women's toilet and grabbed her from behind.

Prakash Mahadik filmed the act while canteen cleaner Paritosh Bagh (extreme left) raped her in the women's washroom

"I was washing my hands when, suddenly, Bagh pounced on me, forcibly removed my sari and raped me," the 25-year-old told this paper.

When she screamed for help, another man entered the washroom — the second accused Prakash Mahadik (30). According to the police, she knew him well, as she would often come across him at work, but when she asked him for help, he instead whipped out his phone and began to film the rape.

Begged for help
"I was pleading with Bagh to leave me, and was shouting for help, when Mahadik entered the washroom. He saw Bagh raping me, but egged him on. He locked the door from inside and began to take pictures and record videos of the incident. I begged Mahadik to help, said I was like his sister, but he only laughed," she said.

After the incident, the men threatened to make the pictures and videos public if she complained to the police. Scared, the survivor called her husband and asked him to pick her up. As she waited at the gates for him, she narrated her ordeal to a female security guard, and the news of the crime spread to other employees.

"Some company officials approached me and told me to go home and return the next day to discuss the matter," she said.
She went home with her husband but didn't tell him what had happened until much later. He took her to a government hospital for a check-up and then encouraged her to lodge a complaint at the Hinjewadi police station on Monday morning.

Swift action
The accused were arrested in less than an hour of the complaint being filed. Bagh was charged for rape under Section 376, and both were charged under Sections 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC.

Inspector S P Bhosale from the Hinjewadi police station, said, "We picked up the accused at noon from their workplace. We also seized the handset in which the victim was filmed. Unfortunately, the files had been deleted, but we have handed over the handset to forensic experts."

Lapses at Infosys
"The nature of incident is very sensitive. We could not believe that the company was mum on this issue until the victim approached us. The arrested duo works in the housekeeping department of the company. We have questioned the company about the security lapse, but they are not ready to accept responsibility. They said the accused are contractual staff hired from an external agency," said Inspector Bhosale.

The police learnt that Bagh resides in Lala Sakar chawl in Hinjewadi but hails from West Bengal. According to Assistant Police Inspector Chandrakant Suryawanshi who is conducting the probe, Bagh is an employee of Tamanna Hotel, the same local eatery that caters to the Infosys canteen. He works at the Infosys canteen as a cleaner, sometimes doubling up as the waiter and cook's assistant as well.

Mahadik, on the other hand, lives in Hinjewadi with his wife and daughter, who are currently at their native place in Mahad. He was hired through an agency. The police have informed Mahadik's family of the crime and arrest, and his wife and brother are on their way to Pune. The cops are currently trying to probe whether any background check was conducted before the two accused were allowed to work at Infosys.

Yesterday, they were produced in court and remanded to police custody for a week.

Infosys says...
mid-day made several attempts to contact the company to ask why the police wasn't informed about the incident earlier, but there was no response. A press statement issued by Infosys said, "With regard to the alleged incident at our Pune campus involving our partners' contractual staff, we are investigating the matter and are working closely with the police to aid their investigation. We have stringent security measures in place on all our campuses and have a zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment, which extends to our contractual staff as well. The company will take necessary action as per policy."

  • frustated indian30-Dec-2015

    Hell with their internal enquiry. Slap Infosys or any corporate companies neglecting to follow the law, with huge fine and compensate the victim. Every corporate is ruining the country. Government discourages agriculture and causing huge unemployment. People are forced to move to cities working as a slaves for corporate companies. Instead of improving internally grown companies and technology within India,our government asking other countries to come and loot cheap Indian manpower.totally sad

  • Pri31-Dec-2015

    Uff, disheartening to read such stuff. Are they men or beasts? Eve still continue to read such articles almost on a daily basis. It shows that women are considered just a mere object by such men. What if something like this happened to their own wife or other family member

  • Sujay01-Jan-2016

    Its a Shame on all of us

  • TriDev31-Dec-2015

    India is shining on expense of poor, hard working people who are being enslaved by corporations that are taking advantage of them while our government doing nothing to help. Corporate greed that turns into hiring people without doing proper background check. I hope government takes notice and does something. Anyway our justice system is useless and not meant to provide justice to poor. "Acche din Ayenge" sometime in future until then poor will just suffer.

  • Sukumar Vasudevan30-Dec-2015

    It is a pity that women are not safe anywhere. Be it dark roads of Delhi or so called well furnished and secure offices as the Infosys campus of Pune. The culprits should be punished and justice should be made to the victim.

  • Niranjan30-Dec-2015

    This is disappointing that company like infosys instead of taking it with much seriousness just asked the victim to go home and come back next day. This is the true face of thier responsibilities as an company other CSR activities are just marketing gimmick. First do an CSR at your campus infy.

  • sushant06-Jan-2016

    Slap Infosys

  • Observer30-Dec-2015

    indian jails must be overflowing with rapists.

  • amit30-Dec-2015

    How is that infosys was trying to cover up the crime. infosys officials told her to go home and come the next day so evidence can be destroyed? What a primitive company. Where is narayana murthy?? He should be held liable.

  • Rajesh31-Dec-2015

    What action will be taken by the Company, Police have already acted and arrested the Accused??? Now just to white wash, Company will take action.

  • Raj Dudeja01-Jan-2016

    While Sharia Law has been seen to be too cruel, especially in the modern society, the lazy, lengthy and useless judicial system of India is of no help to anyone. Time has come to find a middle way to deal with such cases expeditiously and the culprits are punished straightaway. PM Modi is doing a great job in enhancing India's trade and friendly relations with the outside world, the Home Minister and Justice Minister should start doing something to justify their portfolios. Jai Hind.

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