'Roar' and 'Super Nani' bombed at the box office

Nov 04, 2014, 08:12 IST | Bharati Dubey

Rekha's charm has failed to weave magic at the box office with Indra Kumar's 'Super Nani' turning out to be a super disaster. Kamal Sadanah's 'Roar: Tigers of the Sunderbans', the other Bollywood film to have released last Friday, is also struggling to find takers.

Rekha in Super Nani
Rekha in Super Nani

Exhibitor Rajesh Thadani says, "'Roar' collected Rs 5.5 crore, mainly from single screens and, B and C centres of the country. 'Super Nani' had limited shows and did not draw any crowd. The film barely crossed the Rs 1.5 crore mark."

He feels Super Nani's outdated plot (society looking down on live-in relationships) drew the lakshman rekha between the film and the audience.

Trade analysts suggest that with the SRK-starrer 'Happy New Year' running in theatres, movie goers chose to skip last Friday's releases. Vishal Anand of Fun Cinemas says, "'Happy New Year' was the family audience's choice in its second weekend, too. Sunday's collections were 40 per cent higher than Saturday's. We feel that the film will continue to draw film lovers for 10 more days.”

Trade pundit, Amod Mehra adds, "'Roar' and 'Super Nani' have bombed at the box office. As for 'Happy New Year', the second weekend registered satisfactory collections. Now it remains to be seen if it will cross the Rs 200 crore mark.”

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