Russian girl Pasha Doll and Delhi boy Khemraj Bhardwaj win 'Love School Season 2'

Khemraj Bhardwaj and Pasha Doll
Khemraj Bhardwaj and Pasha Doll

MTV Love School Season 2, the crash course of love came to a grand and romantic close this Saturday with Delhi based couple, Pasha Doll and Khemraj Bhardwaj winning the show. The show kicked off with 10 couples making their way to the school of love to resolve their issues and rekindle lost love, with three couples fighting the last battle- Honey and Arshia, Pasha and Khemraj and Bhavya and Rashika. In the nlove retreat, love professors, Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar helped the couples through their journey to find love in the midst of chaos. Having set an example for other couples, Karan and Anusha proved to be the perfect mentors for these lovelorn couples. With their perpetual accessibility and mature outlook towards relationships, love professors lend a helping hand to the couples in more ways than one.

While some graduated from MTV Love School Season 2 showing immense improvement in their relationships, some were made to stay back till the end to help them resolve their issues. Khemraj and Pasha was one such couple who had multiple problems when they began their journey in the show, but to everyone’s surprise, the couple left everyone speechless with their progress. While Pasha hails from Russia and is a DJ in Delhi, Khemraj works as a website designer. Despite their different backgrounds, Pasha and Khemraj did not let the differences deter their love for each other. On MTV Love School Season 2, Khemraj worked on his anger issues and commitment phobia and love professors helped them resolve their communication and trust issues, enabling them to emerge as winners.

On winning MTV Love School Season 2 with Khemraj, Pasha said, "It feels great to win MTV Love School Season 2. Khemraj and I started off with so many issues and now that all of them are resolved, I feel at peace. The time we spent at Love School made me realize that Khemraj is the one for me. What really benefitted us was the constant push from Karan and Anusha to resolve our problems. I have never been happier!"

Commenting on emerging victorious with his beau, Khemraj said, "All I can say is that I am at a happy place right now. Pasha is the calm at the center of my storm. When we set out to be a part of MTV Love School Season 2, all we had in our mind was to work on our relationship. Coming from a different nationality, nobody had ever imagined that Pasha and I will win the show, but we did."

MTV Love School Season 2 perfectly addressed the issues of modern day couples with the help of love professors, Karan and Anusha. The show, akin to a phoenix resurrected relationships that were on the urge of turning into ashes. MTV Love School Season 2 has definitely taken a stride towards changing the old school outlook towards relationships in our country. Moreover, the winning couple, Pasha and Khemraj have set a perfect example for couples by proving that love transcends all boundaries.

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