Self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa tells cops she is not a 'devi'

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Self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa told the police in her statement that she tells the people who come to her, to pray to Maa Vaishno Devi and Matarani, but when their prayers are accepted they think that she is a goddess

Self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa was questioned at the Kandivli police station on Friday, in response to the summons by Mumbai Police in a dowry harassment case. She told the police in her statement, that she is not a ‘devi’ and she tells people who choose to come to her, to pray to Maa Vaishno Devi and Matarani. She said that when their prayers are accepted and they think that she is a goddess.

Radhe leaves Kandivli police station after the questioning
Radhe leaves Kandivli police station after the questioning

Radhe has got interim relief in the dowry case against her. According to the Bombay High Court, the self-styled godwoman cannot be arrested for two weeks and was bailed out for Rs 20,000. The Bombay High Court has ordered her to appear before the Kandivli police once a week every Wednesday.

Radhe Maa followers waiting outside. PICS/Sharad Vegda
Radhe Maa followers waiting outside. Pics/Sharad Vegda

Radhe reached the police station at around 12.15 pm on Friday with her supporters and was immediately taken to a cabin. The Kandivli and Borivli police, who have parallel investigations in Radhe’s cases, asked her over 98 questions, but were not happy with the replies.

According to the police, Senior Police Inspector of Kandivli police station Mukund Pawar, the investigating officer Inspector Anil Desai, an assistant police inspector, and two lady police sub-inspectors were present in the cabin. Police said in the beginning, Radhe was very nervous and was given 15 minutes to calm down. She was offered water to drink, which she refused and after a while, she was ready to be questioned. But when she showed she was distressed again, her advocate along with two lady assistants were asked to be with her during the statement.

Kandivli Police asked around 70 questions for approximately two and half hours, related to the case filed by Niki Gupta against her. Niki has alleged Radhe instigated her in-laws to harass her for dowry. Over 28 questions were asked by Borivli Police regarding allegations by Advocate Falguni Brahmbhatt. Falguni has filed a petition with allegations of Radhe cheating innocent people, hurting their religious sentiments, and obscenity.

Follower looks after finance
Radhe was asked whether she has any personal property, to which she denied the claim and said that she does not own anything, not even a house. The bhavan where she stays, belongs to a follower, whose name is Sanjeev Gupta. She informed the police that Sanjeev takes care of everything related to her. He takes care of every financial necessity.

She informed the police that she does not remember her passport number or her bank account number. Police asked her about Talli Baba, to which she said he always stays with her, and as she does not speak to anyone directly, he is in charge of talking on her behalf. She said he manages all the programmes, appointments, and is a medium between the followers and her.

She also told the police that she has two sons, Bunti and Nishu and both are married and have kids. They stay separately, but they often meet her. Radhe rubbished the allegations made by Niki and said she does not remember her as there are thousands of her followers who call her to their wedding. She said Niki's claims are false and baseless.

She took breaks during the questioning when she walked around. Police are not satisfied with the answers she has given. If required, they can call Radhe to the police station to question her further.

70 No of questions asked by the Kandivli police

28 No of questions asked by the Borivli police

150 mins The duration for which Radhe Maa was questioned at the police station

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  • Dr M.Chandrashekhar15-Aug-2015

    She should have been arrested....she looks obviously a fake God-Woman...Wonder why she requires a Talli Baba to convey her Messages to her 'Devotees" ..... I wonder if it is so easy to fool people...

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