Melbourne: Reacting to a BBC and Buzzfeed report suggesting that tennis matches have been fixed by top players across the last decade, Roger Federer said the offenders need to be identified before progress can be made.

Roger Federer. Pic/AFP
Roger Federer. Pic/AFP

Federer said: "I'd love to hear names. Then at least it's concrete stuff and you can actually debate about it.

"Was it the player? Was it the support team? Who was it? Was it a doubles player, a singles player? Which slam? It's so all over the place. It's nonsense to answer something that is pure speculation."

When asked whether paying lower-ranked professionals more might combat the threat, Federer responded to the journalist: "It doesn't matter how much money you pump into the system, there's always going to be people approaching players, or people, in any sport. The issue is in the player's mind."

Serena Williams said she has also never seen any indication of malpractice on the women's tour. "Not that I'm aware of. When I'm playing, I can only answer for me, I play very hard, and every player I play seems to play hard," she said.