Thieves academically inclined?

Feb 17, 2011, 06:54 IST | Atul Krishan

Laptop containing research documents and some valuables stolen from two professors in the Delhi

The Capital's academic institutes and the intellectual work carried out by the faculty there seem to be new targets for crooks these days if one goes by recent incidents of thefts. Two professors, one from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and another from Delhi University recently found their research work stolen along with their valuables from within the university campuses.

In first incident, Satish Chand Abbi, a professor at JNU who lives in the campus itself, reported that his laptop containing his research data of many years had been stolen. In a complaint lodged by his wife Anvita with police, the couple said that the incident had occurred on January 26 when they had gone to visit their relative. The professor alleged that at first police was not ready to lodge an FIR but they finally did it on February 11, 15 days after the incident.

In the second incident, an assistant professor with Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Social Science, Delhi University, Dr Ranjana Narsimhan filed a complain with the police that some unknown persons had made away with her important documents and some valuables. The incident occurred on February 11 while an FIR was registered by Maurice Nagar police on February14.

"The thieves broke a windowpane and came inside her room on third floor of the residential block within the Faculty of Social Sciences. At that time Dr Ranjana  was attending a meeting in her Head of Department's  room. When she returned to her room, she discovered the theft. According to her, her wallet containing Rs 5000 and some important documents pertaining to her work were missing,"  a police source said.

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