This man allegedly harassed woman in Mumbai Metro

The woman, who had boarded from Ghatkopar and went up to D N Nagar, clicked a picture of him surreptitiously

Police are now looking for the man who allegedly stared and made lewd gestures at a woman in the Metro, when she was travelling from Ghatkopar to D N Nagar. The victim herself clicked a picture of the accused on the sly.

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This man got in after Ghatkopar and stared at her till D N Nagar
This man got in after Ghatkopar and stared at her till D N Nagar

mid-day had reported on August 7 that the 24-year-old woman passenger on the Metro had been allegedly harassed when a man began staring at her and made lewd gestures, when the former was on her way to D N Nagar. The case was first registered at D N Nagar police station, and then transferred to Ghatkopar police station, since the journey had begun from there.

mid-day’s August 7 report

mid-day’s August 7 report

Police Sub-Inspector T V Pardhi from Ghatkopar police station said, “The woman has herself clicked the picture of the accused. We are now trying to locate the station from which he boarded the train. We will also give the picture to our informers to trace him.” Cops said they would also use the Aadhar card database to match the picture to a name.

However, police added that they couldn’t recover CCTV footage from the Metro station, as the footage gets wiped out every 48 hours. When contacted, a Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) spokesperson said, “We are providing all the help to Mumbai Police. In future, too, MMOPL will assist the police in solving cases.” When asked specifically if CCTV footage only lasted 48 hours, the spokesperson refused to comment further.



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