Ukrainian man jumps to death at Mumbai airport

Feb 15, 2016, 06:56 IST | Sadaguru Pandit and Neha LM Tripathi

A 32-year-old Ukrainian man jumps to death at Mumbai airport national committed suicide by jumping from level 2 of the parking lot at T2 of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport yesterday. He was rushed to Cooper Hospital, where he succumbed to injuries. The CCTV footage showed him jumping.

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Ukranian national Maykhaylo Chekrygai committed suicide from level 2 of the parking lot
Ukrainian national Maykhaylo Chekrygai (inset) committed suicide from level 2 of the parking lot

A chief officer at Singapore-based Vallianz Holdings Limited, a provider of offshore support vessels and integrated offshore marine solutions to the oil and gas industry, he was identified as Maykhaylo Chekrygai.

Police said CCTV footage of P10, the level from where he jumped, shows the man looking back and jumping from the edge. “Chekrygai, who had come to India for a business meeting, committed suicide. His co-workers have been informed. He was alone at the time of the incident,” said investigating officer LG Thatye.

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The incident took place at around 4.30 am on Sunday and he was rushed to the hospital when a few people alerted Anand Tiwari, one of the guards at the airport, about Chekrygai lying in a pool of blood at the ground level of the parking lot.

“I was on duty when a few people came to me to inform me about the incident. We immediately informed the police station and alerted other security personnel,” said Tiwari in his statement to the police.

It took the airport authorities and cops 45 minutes to take him to the hospital, where he was rushed to the ICU ward due to the injuries to his head and multiple fractures.

His body was sent to Cooper Post Mortem Centre, where the forensic examination was recorded. “The death took place due to multiple injuries and the cause of death is mentioned as polytrauma (multiple traumatic injuries). We have procured the footage of the post mortem and will send it to the embassy,” said a forensic expert.

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