Video: Mumbai cops thrash couple inside police station

An FIR has been lodged against the constables of the Andheri Police station after a video went viral in which the men in uniform were seen abusing and beating a young couple.

Ghulam Maqbool Sheikh, an eyewitness to the brutality, said the woman was slapped repeatedly by the cops until she was bleeding.

“The couple was fighting outside the police station when a constable asked the girl if she was being harassed. She said it was a personal matter and did not want any interference by the cops, nevertheless they were taken inside the police station,” Sheikh told ANI.

The boy and the girl were made to sit separately and after a while she got scared and started creating a commotion, which is when the cops started slapping her.

“She asked her friend to help her and when he came forward the police did not spare him as well and beat him up badly. The woman kept screaming for mercy but to no avail,” the eyewitness added.

Sheikh, who works for an NGO, filmed the entire incident on camera and demanded action against the cops.

“We are going to file an FIR against the cops involved in the attack on my clients at the Andheri Police station at 12:30 am on November 2nd. The couple was thrashed by the cops, including the woman constable, and was also illegally detained in the lock-up. They were also taken to the hospital for an illegal medical examination and we have the certificate as proof,” Nitin Satpute, the lawyer of the complainant told ANI.

Satpute asserted that the video was used as leverage against the cops, who had vehemently refused to file the FIR saying it would lower the image of the Mumbai Police.

This is the second instance in a month where the Mumbai cops have come under the scanner for their brutality.

Earlier, two Muslim youth were allegedly told to go to Pakistan by a police constable inside the Bandra police station before being brutally assaulted in custody.

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  • vinali more06-Nov-2015

    whatever may b the scence but police has no authority to thrash someone in such a manner.. police could hav mutually handled the cases. even i stay in mumbai i hav seen police troubling innocents for thier pockets.. police is for our safety but unfortunately v r not safe.. hahhahaha.. police itself creates nusance... police misuse thier powers ... shame

  • kj05-Nov-2015

    we have to hear both sides of the story..before assuming things.. a video recording does not say that cops are wrong... iff the cops attacked maybe they were also assaulted... u have to see both sides here..couples in Mumbai move around without any police interference ..maybe they were caught doing lewd things... I live in Mumbai couples are seen roaming freely

  • Lakshmi05-Nov-2015

    Police attrocities in India are not new. But thanks to the media we get to see them now. Glad to see there are some sane people in the country with guts fight the system. My salute to Ghulam Maqbool Sheik for standing up to the young people when most people just shake their heads in disbelief and walk away.

  • nathan04-Nov-2015

    Ever since the present police commissioner took over charge, police atrocities against innocent people have increased many-fold. The attack on a girl at Lalbagh Ganpathi pandal, the attack on a girl returning from office near Powai yesterday, the attack on a Muslim youth and asking him to go to Pakistan etc are fresh in our mind. The present commissioner, with just a few weeks left for him to retire, is least interested in the city affairs. Maria should be posted back in the city.

  • Sunil Sane05-Nov-2015

    I am not taking any side here but first of all why anybody would fight outside the police station. Secondly the cops seem to be trying to separate them away. They probably slapped because this couple must have tried to said something or tried to assault them back. The guy who took video could have taken video from the get go in order to get clear understanding of the incident. The other incident about cops telling youths to go Pakistan, turned out to be false too.

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