Which mango do you like the most?

It's that time of the year again when the 'King of Fruits' visits Mumbai. The city has been flooded with different varieties of mango. As mango mania hits Mumbai, let's find out which variety is the Mumbaikars' favourite.

Here are 12 varieties of mangoes which are more popular. Pick your favourite:

  • tarun karmakar03-May-2014

    I love alfanso and himsagar

  • GEORGE DSOUZA07-May-2014

    Best Mangoes are Alphonso

  • Nagarwala08-May-2014

    It's sweetness,deleiousness and yummy too,

  • ggg13-May-2014

    Goan Mankurad Mango is the Best from all the Mangoes.

  • gautam Biswas05-May-2014

    i like alfanso mango ..........................

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