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Pop goes the poetry

Updated on: 21 July,2013 05:47 AM IST  | 
Kaveri Waghela |

The Kavi Poetry Art Project is a unique initiative that showcases poetry in living spaces

Pop goes the poetry

It all started with a collective love for poetry. Visual artist Kalpana Mukerji, entrepreneurs Madhuri Badoli and Amit Singh and Soumya Mukerji, decided to make poetic verses come alive into living spaces that are viable, affordable and form useful visual concepts.

A poem scribbled on a piggy bank

This is how the Kavi Poetry Art Project was born. Mukerji, who handles poetry communications for the project says, “We started the Kavi Project with the simple thought that something as beautiful as poetry deserves to be seen, read and realised in tangible forms rather than just reading it in blogs, books, private journals and recitals.”

The thought later helped them start a project last year that combined both poetry and art under one platform. “Poetry is very potent and popular but has not been explored in this form earlier. We bring out poetry in the open by showcasing it on walls, lamps, clocks, bags, tables and every such thing that occupies our living room,” she says.

Initially, Kavi Poetry Art Project featured the poems penned by the four founders. Later, thanks to social networking, their popularity grew and they started a platform wherein an aspiring poet or even a poetry enthusiast could send in their written verse to them. This later is selected by the group and put into perspective. Mukerji elaborates, “We receive at least five poems in a day. Many seem to think it is very subjective and rather difficult, even unfair perhaps, to try and pick the best from the poems that come to us. But we don't judge, we only choose what we think would suit the visual medium.”

Though the initiative is based in Delhi, they get orders from around the world and are also open to customisation. “We turn a person’s very own poem into a piece of decorative or functional art on request. For instance, a girl from Bangalore wanted to send an anniversary poem-lamp to her parents in Bhopal. Then a lady wanted to make a poem-piggy bank for her newborn nephew,” she says.

Since both the artists and the poets work together, the group is very careful in following a fair path. “We are not for the Shakespeares and Yeats. We put up this poetry-art in our picture gallery for the world to see, and if collectors are interested in owning a piece, they get in touch with us and we, in turn, with the poet, who is both monetarily and creatively benefited,” she concludes.

To submit a poetry you can write to them at kavipoetryart@gmail.com
For buying the works you can visit https://www.facebook.com/KaviThePoetryArtProject

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