dear diana

  • 'My ex has hooked up with my friend's cousin...'

    It has been eight months since I broke up with my guy. We have not been in touch ever since. We had a heated argument and after that stopped communicating with each other...

  • 'I am in love with my teacher...'

    A new teacher joined our school recently. She is young and a favourite of the students. We consider her as a buddy. But I have gone a step further

  • 'I have fallen for my friend's wife...'

    I am married, but attracted to my friend's wife. Whenever I meet her, I just don’t know what happens to me. On some pretext or the other, I keep dropping in at their home often

  • 'My wife is having an affair...'

    I got married five months ago. It was an arranged marriage. I recently came to know that my wife was not keen on the marriage as there was someone else on her scene...

  • 'I am in love with a married man...'

    I am in love with a married man for over a year now. I am single. He is 41 and I am 28. I got to know him at a time when he was having a lot of legal problems...

  • 'My girlfriend is a gold digger...'

    I have been with my girlfriend for two years, but she does not want to commit. Whenever I ask her about our future together, she evades the subject or keeps mum...

  • 'My wife is cheating on me...'

    I caught my wife in the arms of another man last week. I spotted them just before they were getting into the car. I knew something was amiss

  • 'I cannot forget the girl I loved...'

    I was deeply in love with this girl three years ago. We were serious about each other. We spoke about marriage and a future together. She, however, suddenly started acting strange when I spoke about marriage

  • 'I dumped her in a fit of rage...'

    I recently broke up with my girl. We were together for four years

  • 'I bumped into my ex flame...'

    I was in love with this guy years ago. We just drifted apart and went our ways. There was no contact ever since. Last week, I bumped into him and we spoke...

  • 'My guy finds my best friend attractive...'

    I have been with my guy for the past year. We are both 27. Of late, I feel he has developed a liking for my best friend

  • 'I'm cheating on my wife...'

    I'm 42 and have been married for 15 years. I am having an affair with a colleague at my workplace. She is also married. I got attracted to her and once during a work outing we got physical

  • 'I don't like my friends talking to my ex boyfriend...'

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend. We had severe differences and as we would keep on fighting, I felt it was best to separate

  • 'My guy and I are drifting apart...'

    After three years of being together, my guy and I now barely speak. We are drifting apart and we no longer care about each other...

  • 'I'm in love with my cousin's husband...'

    I have fallen for my cousin's husband. They got married four months ago. I just do not know how to control myself

  • 'I don't like my girlfriend talking to other guys...'

    I have been with my girlfriend for over a year. She is extremely social and has a huge circle of friends

  • 'My guy has fallen for my best friend...'

    Ever since I fell for this guy at my workplace a year ago, my best friend has always been around when we are together. We would hang out together

  • 'My mother saw my boyfriend's SMSes...'

    I have taken a fancy to this guy in college. We hang out together. We keep messaging each other and talking late night on the cell phone. Last week, my mother saw one of his SMSes to me

  • 'My girlfriend keeps complaining about everything...'

    I have been going around with this girl for over a year now. Initially, she was sweet and caring. For the last two months, however, there has been a change in her behaviour. If she is not complaining and cribbing about something or the other, she is sulking.

  • 'My sister does not like my guy...'

    My elder sister interferes a lot in my life. As she is 11 years older to me, she has been controlling my life since childhood...