dear diana

  • 'My guy has fallen for another girl...'

    I have been seeing this guy from Jabalpur for over a year now. Everything was going fine and I thought our relationship was for keeps. Last week, he gave me the biggest shock of my life...

  • 'I feel depressed all the time...'

    I am 19 years old and an only child. I don't have friends. I have always been a loner.

  • 'I broke up with him, but can't forget him...'

    I knew this guy for about four years. Last year, we spoke about taking the relationship to the next level

  • 'Living-in with my girlfriend is posing problems...'

    I am having issues with my live-in girlfriend. We have been together for three years and ever since we began living together six months ago, I think we have lost the spark in the relationship...

  • 'I like a guy in office...'

    I have taken a fancy for an office colleague. As we sit across each other, we happen to look at each other often and he always smiles...

  • 'My ex called my friends to tell them what went wrong...'

    I recently split from my boyfriend. After we went our ways, he started telling my friends what went wrong in the relationship...

  • 'My guy does not like me hanging out with my pals...'

    Though we get along well, my guy can sometimes get very insecure. This trait of his comes to the forefront when I am hanging out with my gang of pals

  • 'My guy has moved to Chennai...'

    I liked this guy in our neighbourhood. We were together for two years. Everyone knew that we were a couple. We had even spoken about marriage. Three months ago, however, his family took the sudden decision to relocate to Chennai

  • 'He just wants me physically...'

    I have been with this guy for over a year. He is 35 and I am 26. We met through common pals and then one thing led to another...

  • 'I'm so heartbroken and don't know how to move on...'

    I broke off three months ago. Though I'm trying to keep busy and want to move on, everything around reminds me of my ex guy...

  • 'My parents want me to get married soon...'

    I am 23. After I completed my postgraduation, I took up teaching. It has been barely six months since I started working...

  • 'My parents keep fighting...'

    For the past three years, my parents have been having constant squabbles. They are fighting over the smallest of things every single day...

  • 'My husband does not listen to me...'

    My relationship with my husband has hit rock bottom. We have been married for two years and I feel like he just doesn't listen to me anymore

  • 'My best friend is behaving odd...'

    I recently got engaged. My best pal played a big role in organising it along with my family members. I have been friends with her from school days. We went to the same college too. There is nothing that she does not know about me

  • 'My husband is a spendthrift...'

    I have been married for four years. My husband is quite a spendthrift. He loves to splurge on himself, me and the house. He keeps changing his phone every six to eight months...

  • 'My fiance doesn't like it when I chat with other guys...'

    I got engaged three months ago. I am of a friendly disposition and have been in touch with all my pals from school and college days as well where I worked previously...

  • 'I caught my wife in bed with another man...'

    I caught my wife with another man in our bedroom. I was supposed to be out of the city for a week however having wrapped up work earlier than expected, I thought of returning home and giving my wife a surprise

  • 'My guy can't get over his ex-girlfriend...'

    I have been with this guy for three months. He was in a relationship before and broke off just before he met me. When we started going out, he had told me about his ex

  • 'My past affair still haunts me...'

    I'm 32 and single. I was in a relationship with a guy six years ago and both of us were very open about it. He, however, cheated on me after which we went our ways

  • 'My guy suddenly cut off all contacts with me...'

    I broke up with my guy in February. We were together for two years. Initially, things were okay, but for the last six months, we kept arguing and things just weren't working for us