dear diana

  • 'My guy can't handle the pressures of being in a relationship...'

    My guy suddenly decided to break off with me last week. It came as a shock to me

  • 'My cousin is acting strange with me...'

    My cousin has been staying with us since the past four months. I am 18 and he is 26

  • 'I have fallen for my friend's wife...'

    Ever since my best friend got married last year, I have been attracted to his wife. I am single. Initially, I felt as I get along with my pal so well, it was the same case with his wife too

  • 'A guy keeps staring at me...'

    There is this guy at my workplace who keeps looking at me. I have often caught him in action and then he quickly looks away

  • 'My girlfriend does not want to get married...'

    The girl I like acts strange when I broach the subject of marriage. She is 26 and I am 32. She claims to love me, but any talk about taking the relationship to the next level upsets her...

  • 'I had no clue my girlfriend was two-timing me...'

    My live-in girlfriend and a pal of mine were going around behind my back

  • 'He didn't like me cribbing about the weather...'

    I was in a relationship with this guy for almost two years. Last weekend, we had a big fight. As it was pouring and everything was in a mess, I was in a crabby mood...

  • 'I don't know why he dumped me...'

    After being with my guy for almost two years, he has now suddenly stopped calling me and avoids meeting me. He behaves as if I do not exist

  • 'My girlfriend is 11 years younger to me...'

    Six months ago, I met this girl at a personality development class. We got talking and after the course ended, we exchanged numbers and have kept in touch. I am 30 and single. She is 19...

  • 'My girlfriend is extremely suspicious...'

    I have been with my girlfriend for nearly two years. Things were going fine for us till about three months ago when we met a school friend of mine...

  • 'This guy took me for a ride...'

    Eight months ago, I met this guy during a conference. He had flown down to Mumbai for the event from New Delhi where he is based. Over the four days at the event, we gelled well

  • 'My guy is acting weird...'

    I have been friendly with this guy for the past year. Last month, however, he started behaving weird. He would not call me nor reply to my messages for days...

  • 'I am finding it difficult to move on...'

    I divorced my wife a year ago. My five-year-old son lives with my ex-wife who now stays at her parental home in Delhi

  • 'I don't want to get engaged...'

    My engagement date has been set for next month. It has been fixed by my family. The boy's side was introduced to us through some common friends...

  • 'My guy gave me the biggest shock...'

    There is this guy I met eight months ago. I took a fancy to him. We started hanging out and I assumed that he was interested in me...

  • 'I have lost interest in my wife...'

    I got married three years ago. It was an arranged marriage. Over the last six months, however, I have lost interest in my wife. I try and stay away from her as much as possible...

  • 'I don't have a boyfriend...'

    I am 25 and do not have a boyfriend. All my pals have one. When we hang out together, I am the odd one out

  • 'My girlfriend suddenly finds me irritating...'

    I am 31 and my girlfriend is 26. We have been together for almost two years. Everything was going fine for us until two weeks ago...

  • 'I don't know if I like him...'

    I am friendly with this guy in college. He is my classmate and we get along well. We are studying civil engineering and he helps me a lot with notes and projects... 

  • I have fallen for a married man...

    I have fallen in love with this guy in my neighbourhood. We live in the same housing complex. He is married with a seven-year-old child. He tells me he is in an unhappy marriage...