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  • Tiny DNA 'machine' could cut HIV diagnosis cost

    Researchers have designed and synthesised a nanometer-scale DNA "machine" that can make the process of detecting the antibodies that can help with the diagnosis of infectious and auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and HIV much cheaper

  • Heavy internet use may put teens at high blood pressure risk

    Teenagers who spend hours on the internet may be at risk of gaining unhealthy weight and having high blood pressure, say researchers

  • Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

    Traditional Indian folk dance forms, Garba and Bhangra are not just exhilarating to perform, they also make for a fun-filled workout. Say haalo! to fitness

  • Sound sleep boosts immune system 'memory' too

    A good night's sleep not only strengthens your memory but also strengthens the response-memory of your immune system when it comes to killing bad bacteria and viruses as they enter your body, new research reveals

  • World Heart Day: 10 ways to be 'hale and hearty'

    A healthy heart is the key to long life. On World Health Day, we present some measures that you can take to ensure this...

  • Uncovered: How cancer-suppressing gene works

    Opening new opportunities for scientists to find treatments for cancer, Australian researchers have uncovered the role played by a gene which suppresses the development of cancer

  • Say no to junk food to stay fit: Virat Kohli, Sania Mirza

    Indian cricket Test captain Virat Kohli and ace women's tennis star Sania Mirza on Saturday advised sportspersons not to eat junk food to stay fit

  • Believe it! We are wired for laziness

    While you burn calories at the gym or while running in the neighbourhood park, our brain constantly works the opposite, looking for shortest route or choose to sit rather than stand, researchers report

  • Human-like nose to sniff out bacteria in drinking water

    In a first, researchers have developed a bio-electronic nose that can detect traces of bacteria in water by smelling it without the need for complex equipment and testing

  • Diabetes drug may boost fracture risk

    Some diabetes drugs can substantially increase the amount of fat inside our bones and thus the risk of bone fractures, warns a new study

  • Email anxiety new health hazard for young Indian professionals

    Thirty-five-year-old Shikha Girgla, a Delhi-based brand consultant and a happy-go-lucky personality for her peers, never thought that shifting office emails to her smartphone will reach a stage where she will require medical attention

  • Health Special: How to stay fit in your thirties

    For men, the thirties is a crucial decade. It's when priorities change. Apart from plans to start a family, it's also when fitness should matter. So, before knee pains and receding hairlines take over, we tell you how to kick start a healthy lifestyle, at the right time

  • Shun the health myths this monsoon

    The monsoon brings respite from the sweltering heat but also triggers a lot of health-related issues, most of which are plain myths that have persisted over time, says an expert

  • How gut microbes make you fat

    Scientists have found evidence that gut bacteria may affect circadian rhythms and metabolism leading some people to gain extra weight

  • Eat spicy food daily to lower death risk

    Include more fresh and dried chilli pepper in your diet as eating spicy foods daily has now been linked to a lower risk of death from cancer, heart and lung diseases and diabetes

  • Insulin may treat dementia

    Insulin delivered high up in the nasal cavity goes to affected areas of brain and helps improve memory, says a study that could lead to new therapies for Alzheimer's disease and similar forms of dementia

  • Frequent flyers lose health, family love too

    Are you a frequent traveller? By striving to travel far, wide and frequently, you are not only damaging your health but also spoiling relationships with loved ones, an interesting study has revealed

  • Past learning affects what we see: Study

    Prior knowledge impacts how the brain processes what we see, says a new study

  • Take the aerial route to fitness

    Fitness enthusiasts can now try a now form of aerial yoga in Mumbai, which is done of hammocks, aided by yoga expert Anshuka Parwani

  • Mobile medical vans to keep Mumbai cops fit on bandobast

    Rakesh Maria launches initiative to ensure the city’s policemen don’t end up ignoring early signs of illnesses