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Benzphetamine Before and After Results and Side effects: Is it better than Phentermine?

Updated on: 29 March,2023 05:04 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Benzphetamine is a medication used to help with weight loss in people who are obese. It works by suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism.

Benzphetamine Before and After Results and Side effects: Is it better than Phentermine?

Benzphetamine is a type of amphetamine and is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance due to its potential for abuse and dependence. It is available under the brand name Didrex and is only available with a prescription from a healthcare provider. Click Here to Buy benzphetamine

Doctors prescribe weight loss medications like Benzaphetamine to their obese patients. However, to act effectively, these medications require complete lifestyle and dietary modifications.

Also, the prescription weight loss pills like Benzaphetamine are pricier than others and can cause many side effects as well. In this article, we will be going to discuss all the necessary information about Benzaphetamine.

As with any medication, it is important to use benzphetamine as directed and to talk to your healthcare provider about any concerns or side effects you may experience.


Benzaphetamine is sympathomimetic amine that is categorized under the class of anorectic drugs. Benzaphetamine is known as an effective medicine to manage obesity issues for short term. The working mechanism of Benzaphetamine is quite similar to any amphetamine derivatives. Click Here to Visit Official Website

It is known to stimulate neurotransmitters that results in decreasing appetite. The appetite suppressing effects of Benzaphetamine will help in reducing caloric intake, thus contributes in weight loss. Different studies have supported the fact that Amphetamine derivatives help greatly in managing obesity and reducing body weight.

Benzaphetamine contributes in weight loss by the following ways:

  • It enhances the expenditure of body energy.
  • It accelerates the body’s metabolic rate, mainly fat metabolism.
  • It increases the muscular activity by the influx of neurotransmitters.
  • It aids in reducing appetite due to the increased levels of dopamine and serotonin.

Benzphetamine Vs Phentermine

From the past many decades, Phentermine has been recognized as the most popular weight loss drug in the medicinal circuits. Many physicians all over the USA, prefer to recommend using Phentermine to the overweight and obese patients having BMI greater than 28 or 30.

Phentermine is mostly recommended to patients struggling with obesity and have the risk of developing cardiovascular issues due to excess weight.

When it comes to the comparison of Benzaphetamine and Phentermine, they both share the similar mechanism of appetite suppression. These both compounds manages cravings in the users by altering the communication between central nervous system and neurons.

Furthermore, this would affect positively on the heart rate and other body functions to ignite calorie burn and accelerating metabolism.

The difference between Benzaphetamine vs Phentermine is their chemical structure, which actually makes their dosage patterns also different from one another.

Phentermine is considered a stronger compound that Benzaphetamine with the aspect of weight loss results.

Therefore, mostly doctors prescribe lesser dosage of Phentermine as compared to Benzaphetamine. However, the dosage varies from person and person and Benzaphetamine dosage pattern can be from 5 mg to 50 mg per day.

Another difference between these two is Benzaphetamine is catered as a closer acquaintance of amphetamine as compared to Phentermine. This means, Benzaphetamine has a higher risk of drug addiction and habit-forming effects in the users.

Due to these issues and side effects associated with Benzaphetamine, people usually prefer Benzaphetamine over the counter alternatives for weight loss.

Didrex: What is it?

Benzaphetamine is a known weight loss medicine that is used for short-term with a doctor’s prescription to lose.

Benzaphetamine usually comes under the brand name Didrex, which belongs to a group of medications known as anorectics. These pills have the active ingredient Benzaphetamine, a substance that offers appetite suppressing effects to the user for losing weight.

Didrex pills is usually prescribed for the adults patients having body mass index (BMI) greater than 28 or 30 and have been unsuccessful in getting rid of obesity through calorie deficit and exercise alone.

Didrex works mainly by controlling the appetite and hunger feelings of the user. It also works towards increasing metabolism of the body to make it easier for people to burn more calories and lose excess fat.

Didrex is considered an ideal medication for extremely obese people and works best when accompanied with reduced-calorie diet, exercise, and changed lifestyle.

Didrex is primarily known as an appetite suppressant and helps people in keeping the weight off, that eventually also reduces the risk of many serious health conditions that come with obesity.

Didrex Diet Pills

Didrex weight loss medication comes in the form of oral diet pills, which are very easy to use. You can take Didrex diet pills orally as prescribed by your doctor, usually 1 to 3 times a day. It is advised not to take Didrex in later half of the day, as it may cause insomnia.

The dosage of Didrex diet pills is usually suggested according to your medical condition and response to the weight loss therapy.

Your medical practitioner will help in adjusting the best for you that can be used regularly to get the most benefits. It is recommended to use Didrex for only a few weeks at a time and don’t use it along any other appetite suppressant drug. This is because, the interaction of drugs many cause serious side effects.

The user should never suddenly stop using Didrex, as it may cause withdrawal symptoms, like depression and anxiety. Instead, you should reduce the dose gradually and always discuss the withdrawal process with your doctor.

This medicine may cause addiction in some cases, and the risk may be higher if you have history of drug abuse. It is advised not to exceed the dose of Didrex at your own.

The user should always use Didrex for the time duration it is prescribed for, as it will stop working after some duration. You can discuss all these factors with your doctor, once you are prescribed with Didrex diet pills.

Didrex 50 mg

Didrex pills usually comes in the 50 mg dose, which is known to be the ideal dose of Benzaphetamine to have noticeable effects on health.

According to clinical studies, it is confirmed that a dosage of 50 mg per day of Benzaphetamine regularly for 3 months can help in more weight loss instead of sticking to lower dosage for the same time period.

The dosing schedule of Didrex prescribed by the doctor depends on the efficacy of the pills. Usually, the doctors prefer to start with mid-morning dose of 25 mg to 50 mg of Didrex, which can be later increased as needed to maximum dosage of Didrex 50 mg three times a day.

The clinical trials on Didrex patients shows that people dropped around one lb per week while taking it. Didrex is approved by the FDA to be used only for short-term; around up to 12 weeks.

Didrex VS Adipex

Didrex and Adipex share many similarities along, but they are different medications chemically.

The generic version of Didrex is Benzaphetamine, while the generic version of Adipex is Phentermine. Both Didrex and Adipex are ideal for obesity treatments for people having BMI greater than 28. Both medicine primarily work as an appetite suppressant and helps in improving metabolism to ensure faster weight loss.

Didrex is manufactured by Pfizer, New York USA and comes usually in the dosage of 50 mg pills. The maximum dose of Didrex is 150 mg per day (50 mg thrice a day).

On the other hand, Adipex-P comes in the oral tablets with varied dosage of 15mg and 37.5 mg.

There is a long list of side effects associated with Didrex and Adipex, and therefore it is advised to always use them for weight loss only as prescribed.

Didrex and Adipex are both used for short-term weight loss treatment, mostly for around 12 weeks. However, when it comes to cost, there is a huge difference between these two.

Didrex is on pricier side, as one month supply of Didrex costs around $ 65. On the other hand, Adipex one month supply will costs you under $20.

Didrex Weight loss

Didrex has some really good weight loss reviews over the internet and grabs a good rating overall. Many users reported to have a positive experience while using Didrex weight loss treatment.

One of the Didrex user, Natalie from California, shared that there is no medication for weight loss like Brand Didrex. She shared that she was extremely obese and didn’t know what she was doing to herself. Natalie confessed that she was basically killing herself for stuffing every food in her body to death. She gained enormous weight and her highest was 400 lbs.

However, she started using Didrex, she noticed an instant change within herself. She was feeling way better energy than before. She continued using Didrex as per her doctor’s suggestion and now after a year, she has successfully lost 130 lbs and keeping it off.

She shared, “I couldn’t be happier, as it helps to keep the weight off of me and concentrate much better.” She emphasised that she hasn’t increased the dosage at her own and is really happy with the results of this medication.

Benzphetamine Weight loss results

Though, Benzaphetamine is known to help in weight loss, but is not so much a prescribed medication or appetite suppressant because of its associated potential side effects.

The users of Benzaphetamine feels way more active, energetic, and less hungry throughout the day, even by the first week of treatment.

However, some users also complain about having sleeping issues, increased blood pressure, and jitters.

Benzaphetamine is generally not recommended by doctors to every type of patient. Also, it is really hard to assess Benzaphetamine weight loss results, as they may vary from person to person, depending on their lifestyle choices, diet, and physical activity.

The users who follow healthy diet and active lifestyle will start losing several pounds during the first week of Benzaphetamine treatment.

Many users reportedly lost more than 2 lbs of fat within just 2 weeks of using Benzaphetamine while retaining their muscle mass.

Though, measuring weight loss results with Benzaphetamine is not practically possible, but overall a whole Benzaphetamine cycle can offer a 5% reduction in BMI.

This weight loss can certainly reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases that are generally associated with obesity.

Benzphetamine Side Effects

Just like many other prescription weight loss drugs, Benzaphetamine is also associated with many side effects and allergic reactions that are usually common in hypersensitive users.

Some of the common side effects associated with Benzaphetamine usage are:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoes
  • Sleeping issues (Insomnia)
  • Restlessness
  • Dry mouth
  • Unpleasant taste
  • Increased sweat
  • Skin allergy or rash

If you experience any of the serious side effects of Benzaphetamine mentioned below, you shall discontinue using it and seek for medical help:

  • Breathlessness
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Swelling of face, lips, throat, and tongue.
  • Chest pain
  • Increased heart rate or palpitations
  • Irritability or mental fog (confused behaviour)
  • Extremely high blood pressure along with blurred vision, anxiety, seizures, and irregular heartbeats.

Can Adipex and Benzphetamine be taken together?

Adipex and Benzaphetamine are two different chemical substances that are not recommended to be taken together.

Using these two medications together may increase the risks of severe heart problems.

Also, the combination may develop shortness of breath, chest pain and other serious symptoms that should be immediately catered for medical help.

Can I use Benzphetamine after Phentermine?

It is not recommended to use Phentermine with Benzaphetamine and even after it.

The combination of these medications after one another may increase the risk of cardiovascular issues. Benzaphetamine and Phentermine are ideally must not be taken together. Ideally, you must wait for the whole one year after taking Benzaphetamine before using any other weight loss drug or Phentermine.

It is strongly not recommended to use Benzaphetamine after Phentermine, as the drugs interaction may trigger symptoms of fainting, swelling of legs, ankles, or feet, dizziness, chest pain and breathlessness.

While you are scheduling the doctor for weight loss prescription, always tell him about all the medications you use to avoid any serious consequences.

Buy Benzphetamine

If you are looking forward to buy Benzaphetamine, it is important to know that Benzaphetamine is a prescription-only drug. Click Here to Visit Official website

It is really impossible for you to get Benzaphetamine without having a prescription note from a licensed medical practitioner.

Benzaphetamine is not a usual drug that is prescribed by the doctors.

Usually, not every doctor prefers to recommend this medication and it is not a perfect fit for every patient, as it reacts differently from person to person. In addition, Benzaphetamine is associated with a long list of side effects, which makes it a tough choice for weight loss.

Instead of Benzaphetamine, we have some better option for you that is considered as the best alternative of Benzaphetamine, Phentermine, Didrex, and Adipex diet pills.

This over the counter medication is effective and safe for weight loss without any risks of side effects. We recommend PhenQ as the best option for weight loss that effectively reduces appetite and targets weight loss from every aspect.

The natural ingredients of PhenQ formula and its potent weight loss mechanismmakes it a perfect replacement for weight loss drugs like Benzaphetamine.

PhenQ weight loss pills is a powerful weight loss formula that helps in speeding up metabolism and burns excess fat stored in the body.

Moreover, it inhibits fat production and increase insulin sensitivity to keep your weight off, while enhancing your overall energy levels.

You can easily buy PhenQ pills from its official website and there is no need of prescription to buy this effective weight loss supplement.

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