Ashley Greene reveals struggle to find roles post-Twilight

Feb 02, 2012, 09:58 IST | ANI

Ashley Greene has opened up about her struggle to land a leading lady role since she was 'dropped back down to reality' after wrapping the Twilight films.

The 24-year-old made her breakthrough playing Alice Cullen in the hit vampire franchise, but the actress admits she has had difficulty winning any new parts.

"I won't lie, there are times when I'm like, 'Why is this so hard?' You come off a high like Twilight and then you get dropped back down to reality... Twilight has given me something to skyrocket off of," the Daily Star quoted her as telling Lucky magazine.

"But now that it's ending, there's so much work to be done. And if I don't do it, then Twilight's all I'm ever going to be known for, as great as it is.

"Basically I went from 'dying to get a gig' to 'dying to get the gig that everyone wants'. So now I'm in this realm with a lot of highly respected actresses, which is an amazing place to be, but also kind of terrifying," she added.

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