Jimmy's aggression shouldn't be at the cost of respect: Mike Brearley

London: As the storm settles down over the spat between Ravindra Jadeja and James Anderson, former England captain Mike Brearley has said that the pacer should be encouraged to harness his aggression but not at the expense of respect.

Mike Brearley
Mike Brearley 

Brearley, writing in his column for 'The Times', said Anderson is not being a role model when he crosses the line of proper respect.

"I would agree about competitiveness a top sportsman needs it (to the hilt). Such an attitude is a form of respect to the opposition," Brearley said.

"But what I find lacking in the 'to the hilt' support is toughness in the loyalty, a willingness to make and address a distinction between aggression on one hand and contempt on the other."

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