The people who rallied behind Salman Khan through thick and thin

Come rain or storm, Salman Khan can count on some people to stand by him. Although not related to him by blood or other familial bond, they have always stood by him like the Rock of Gibralter. Over the last three days, the same workforce pressed itself into action and tirelessly remained with Salman, throwing a sheet of protective blanket around him and his family. A look at some of Salman’s most trusted aides...

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Shera, bodyguard
He has practically lived as Salman’s shadow guarding his life and limb since 1995. From running in front of Salman’s car in Indore for almost two kilometers to clear out the frenzied crowd to taking care of his family when Salman spent time in jail, Shera has done it all. On May 6 too, Shera started his day by accompanying Salman to the court and stayed with him right through the evening till he got bail and then escorted him back to the precincts of Galaxy Apartments. Says a source close to the star, “Shera is tireless when it comes to guarding Salman whom he calls Malik. He is extremely efficient when it comes to crowd management and in getting Salman a smooth passage at public places. Salman trusts him with his life.”

Raju Nag, veteran make-up artist
Raju Nag
He is among Salman’s most trusted allies in his inner circle. Raju had famously refused to work for Salman when the latter was just starting out in the industry and it is only after much convincing that he finally agreed. Today Raju also runs his own security agency that looks after Salman’s security detail while at shoots and events. Raju’s security guards were at work outside Galaxy Apartments keeping the crowd at bay since the morning of May 6.

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Nadim, Man Friday
He is Salman’s childhood friend who has stuck with the actor through thick and thin. Sources close to Nadim describe him as an extremely loyal companion, someone with whom Salman is comfortable sharing his life secrets with. On May 6, Nadim was seen zealously guarding Salman’s family members and even dashed out with Sohail Khan as soon as news about Salman’s mother taking ill trickled in.

Reshma Shetty, business manager
Reshma Shetty
She is credited for having single-handedly resurrected Salman Khan’s career and image when things had hit rock-bottom for the previously troubled star. The high-profile manager was present with Salman’s family members in the court and seen keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

Hiral Thakkar, celeb manager
Hiral Thakkar
An employee of Reshma’s company, she is better known as Salman’s blue-eyed girl. The actor even makes it a point to tweet many of her pictures, an evidence of his growing admiration for her. Hiral was seen receiving and seeing off the stream of celebrity guests who had trooped in on Thursday to see Salman at his residence post the ‘guilty’ verdict.

Vinod More, bodyguard
Vinod More
He has been with the actor 24/7 post his final hearing on May 6. Sources have told us that Vinod, who has been with Salman for over two years now, did not leave his side even to go home after the latter was found guilty on all counts.

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