Your car just got a life

Jan 24, 2013, 00:29 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Autobook, a new app on Facebook, lets your car have its own profile, talk about its feelings and also honk at the cars it likes or doesn't

Till now, it was just you who had a social life on the Web, now your car can too. Autobook, a new Facebook app, designed on the lines of the social networking website itself lets your car have a web profile, its own personal albums, a home page called garage, and a dashboard, where the car can updates its feelings on a regular basis.

A screen grab of the home page of Autobook user Silver Line Angel

The personal information of the car here is its registration number, manufacture, model, and like your online avatar, it can have a name like White Bird for white Honda CRV. It also gets to choose its sex — male or female.

Created by Autographix, a car accessory company, on Autobook, your car can talk about everything, from its views on world politics that’s affecting petrol prices, traffic conditions to how it is irked with a really bad car wash service.

And if it’s a well-read car, it can occasionally drop a few lines from Robert Frost or Alfred Tennyson or Shakespeare for that. The best part — when your car likes another car’s bumper message (status update) or a new profile picture, it just honks.

And, if you are worried about its privacy been compromised, it’s possible to change all the settings, and ensure only close friends get to look at its bumper, and not a stalker.  Of course, it’s you who will be you doing all the updates, but if you love your car, you would know what’s on its mind, err, again, bumper!

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