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Interview with Musarrat D Husain: Navigating the Confluence of Technology and Law

Updated on: 05 September,2023 09:24 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Musarrat D Husain

Interview with Musarrat D Husain: Navigating the Confluence of Technology and Law

Musarrat D Husain


Today, we sit down with Musarrat D Husain, the Chief AI Ethics Officer (CAIEO) for Hackaback Technologies. A seasoned lawyer specializing in Technology law, AI ethics, blockchain technologies, and GDPR, Musarrat's journey offers a nuanced understanding of how technology and law intertwine.

Interviewer: Musarrat, let's begin with your background. How did a legal expert find herself at the heart of a tech-driven environment?

Musarrat: It’s always a pleasure to trace back. My journey began in the legal realm, and as technology began to disrupt traditional systems and create new paradigms, I saw an emerging need for legal professionals who understood the implications. I've always had a passion for technology and its societal implications. Over time, as I delved into Technology law, I realized the profound impact areas like AI and blockchain were set to have. My goal became to ensure that as we race ahead with advancements, we remain ethically grounded and legally compliant.

Interviewer: As the CAIEO for Hackaback Technologies, what challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis?

Musarrat: One of the primary challenges is the pace at which technology evolves. Laws and regulations often struggle to keep up, leading to gray areas. As a CAIEO, my role is to anticipate these challenges, bridge the gap between technical teams and regulatory requirements, and ensure that our AI-based solutions are ethically robust.

Interviewer: AI Ethics has been a hot topic in recent years. What's your perspective on it, especially in the context of Hackaback’s offerings?

Musarrat: AI Ethics is not just about ensuring that a system works without bias, it's about recognizing that every decision an AI system makes has real-world implications. At Hackaback, we emphasize that our AI solutions respect individual rights, maintain transparency, and promote fairness. We always aim for our technologies to benefit humanity while minimizing potential harms.

Interviewer: With the rise of blockchain technologies, how do you see the legal landscape evolving, especially with decentralized systems?

Musarrat: It's fascinating and challenging. Decentralized systems question traditional legal frameworks, especially when it comes to jurisdiction, data ownership, and contractual obligations. The legal landscape will have to adapt, becoming more flexible and global in outlook. It will be about finding a balance between harnessing the potential of these technologies and ensuring that they are used responsibly.

Interviewer: GDPR has been a significant regulatory development in recent times. How does it influence the work you do?

Musarrat: GDPR emphasizes the rights of individuals over their data, which aligns with our vision at Hackaback. We believe in empowering individuals and ensuring data privacy. GDPR acts as a guideline, ensuring that we prioritize data protection in our operations and design. It also presents an opportunity for us to innovate in ways that respect user privacy.

Interviewer: Finally, what advice do you have for young professionals looking to enter the intersection of technology and law?

Musarrat: Stay curious and never stop learning. The convergence of technology and law is a dynamic space with endless possibilities. Embrace the change, understand the ethical considerations, and always remember that at the heart of every technological advancement, there’s a human story.

Musarrat's insights remind us of the essential role that legal experts play in the fast-paced world of technology. As we hurtle forward in the age of AI and blockchain, it is professionals like her who ensure that our advancements remain grounded in ethics and humanity.

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