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Tips for those who want to get started with content creation shared by Creator Deepak Pareek

Updated on: 01 September,2022 06:27 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Tips for those who want to get started with content creation shared by Creator Deepak Pareek

Content Creator and Influencer Deepak Pareek shares 5 tips on how to get started as a creator. So, if you’re someone who wants to be a part of the ever-booming creator economy, now is the right time to do so. Follow these tips and get started today.

One, the start itself.

The most difficult thing when it comes to content is the start itself. Most people are extremely apprehensive of the start because they doubt themselves. But more than that, they have the fear of judgement. The thought of “log kya kahenge” scares them. “Every creator has been there, I’m sure and I’m no less. You just have to gather up the courage and start. Everything else will be taken care of”, says Deepak Pareek.

Two, create what you love until you love creating.

Deepak believes that content creation is a very tricky job and till the time you don’t fall in love with the process of creation, you need to keep creating content around topics you love or are most interested in. What this means is if you like 4-5 different topics, start creating content on all of them and then narrow down on the topics that have worked for you. “Create a funnel for yourself and make sure you double down on the topics that have worked for you”, Deepak said.

Three, play the long-term game.

Content creation, as an industry, is fairly young and new. In fact, most people do not even understand the term “creator” or “social media influencer”. It’s the gen-z and the millennials that are mostly in the game and are taking the world by storm. However, in this world full of noise, it’s very easy to get carried away and some creators might do things just for the short-term gain. “Don’t be that creator. Think of content creation as a business. Think of content creation as a test match. You just have to stay at the crease, runs will keep on flowing”, Deepak says.

Four, numbers are tricky.

The world of content creation is full of numbers, be it views, followers, likes, comments, DMs, etc. Sadly so, you might get more respect if you have more followers. As a creator starting out, your job is to not let numbers get to you. You will have to keep creating content without looking at the numbers. “I know numbers will be difficult to get in the beginning. But you will have to keep creating irrespective of low numbers. Script – shoot – edit – post – analyse – repeat. Analysis of your content is important and that will help you get to where you want to be”, Deepak believes.

And last but not the least,

Five, do not leave your job in order to pursue content creation full-time.

Content creation as a profession is one of the riskiest professions where monetisation is highly uncertain. Brands will not be willing to pay you (and rightly so) if you don’t have the numbers to show. You might not be able to sell tickets to your shows or performances if people don’t believe in your craft. Therefore, in order to sustain, you need to have that constant source of money coming in. “It’s a fulfilling job but at the same time, it can get to you which is why I keep on taking constant breaks to come back with a fresh perspective”, Deepak mentioned while talking about content creation being a taxing job.

Summing up, there’s no better time than now to enter this ever-flourishing industry. The pay is good, people recognise you for your work, but with that, comes the responsibility to deal with the numbers. If you’re willing to start, these tips shared by Creator Deepak Pareek will be of utmost relevance to you.

Deepak Pareek is a Content Creator, Entrepreneur and a Keynote Speaker hailing from Calcutta, India.


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