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Apr 23, 2014, 09:40 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Join music band I Am Bliss as it explores newer sounds with its new project, titled Bear Chest. They are also set to release their debut album next month 

This Wednesday, you can listen to city-based music band I Am Bliss. The indie Garage Rock band which fuses melodies and chaotic lyrics, consists of singer/songwriter Danesh Munshi and drummer Shreyas Iyengar. 

Both have independently played in various bands around India, China, and the UK. They have been friends for a long time as well.

A performance by I Am Bliss

The event will also feature the debut of Bear Chest, the alter ego of I Am Bliss.

Speaking about the event, Munshi says, “I will be playing some Funk and Rock music that can be enjoyed by all. All kinds of music is good. I feel that the most important thing is to get a good feeling when you sing.”

He was supported by Iyengar, who added, “In the first half, we will be playing Rock music and in the second half, we will play Electronic tunes. We will also play some music from our new album that will be launched next month.”

Munshi is a graduate from the School of Audio Engineering (SAE Institute) and Iyengar was recently accepted into University of California, Berkeley.

The band will feature Siddharth Gupta (bass guitar) as well.

Charting the band’s journey, Munshi says that after the band Bliss took off, the duo immediately began dabbling in yet another project, titled Bear Chest. However, it reflects a completely different sound.

The experimental two-piece project combines Electronic and ambient music elements with live instrumentation, thus creating texturally rich music.

So, gear up for some great live music at a venue near you.

On April 23, 9 pm onwards
At SWIG, Koregaon Park.

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