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Fashion to health: Here is a round-up of our top feature stories from last week

The last week was a mix of health, culture and food. With a heavy focus on health stories that spanned from blood cancer and heart diseases to common ailments like acidity and acne scars, we reached out to experts to build awareness around them and offered solutions.  For all food lovers and coffee connoisseurs, we shared unique coffee recipes that you can try out at home. Further, if you are someone who loves to explore the local foods of India, our feature piece on food and travel guide by the locals of Arunachal Pradesh will give you a small tour of this northeast Indian state.  Under culture, we dissected the popularity of sneakers among Gen Z and Millennials. We also shared tips to up your sneaker game if you have recently explored love for the footwear. In relationships, we spoke at large about the growing obsessive compulsion young Indian couples feel towards marriage proposals and the role media plays in this. We also brought you friendly tips on how to navigate through a relationship with a half-hearted lover.  Here is a complete list of our top feature stories from last week  India sees 1 new case of blood cancer every 5 minutes; experts share solutions Every year September is observed as Blood Cancer Awareness Month around the world. Creating awareness about the various types of blood cancer and their impacts is crucial for early detection, effective treatment, and support for patients and their families. Read More Acne scars: Skincare experts share effective home remedies to get rid of them Acne scars are stubborn and refuse to leave. They can stay for months or even years. However, skincare experts say that with proper treatment and approach, they can be treated. Read More Visiting Arunachal Pradesh? Follow this food and travel guide by locals while you are in the northeast Indian state As more people will be visiting the northeast Indian state during this time of the year for the Ziro Music Festival, it is also the best time to experience local food and culture. Why opt for the familiar when you can indulge in some local dishes easily available in the Ziro Valley? Locals suggest trying out some of their most favourite dishes. Read More Meet Baby Patankar, the drug queen behind Mumbai's street dope: Meow Meow Baby Patankar helmed the infamous drug syndicate that popularised Mephedrone (commonly known as Meow Meow) in the streets of Mumbai. Once again, she has come under the scrutiny of Mumbai police for duping a SoBo businessman in a gold scam. Read More International Coffee Day 2023: Love coffee? Follow these recipes to add its flavour to your cocktails There is a lot more to coffee than you know, and it gets even better if you love to experiment with your cocktails. Indian chefs are not only adding coffee to whiskey, vodka, rum and cognac but also using coconut, vanilla, tamarind and cheese to elevate them like never before. Read More Why sneaker culture in India has taken Gen Z and millennials by storm Be it Jordans, Dunks, Yeezy or sneakers from any other brands, they have become the epitome of style. Giving a fresh twist to lifestyle and fashion, the sneaker culture in India has taken Gen Z and Millennials by storm in recent years. There is hardly anyone today who remains untouched by the influence of this culture. Read More Will you marry me? How young Indian couples are embracing western culture of marriage proposals Gradually, more and more young Indian couples have begun to celebrate love and embrace it wholeheartedly. Finding newer ways to make marriage proposals have become a trend and social media is a testament to this. Read More World Heart Day: Why are a rising number of young Indians dying due to heart attacks? Researchers suggest that sleep apnea might play a role in the rise of deaths due to heart attacks. It causes abnormal heart rhythms, lowers oxygen levels, triggers the fight-or-flight response, and stresses the heart mechanically. Read More International Coffee Day 2023: Want to brew your own coffee at home? Mumbaikars, experts share an easy guide Coffee is loved by many people in India, and this love often transcends into them wishing to brew their own coffee at home. If you are one of those, and don’t know how to start, don’t worry. Here is a complete guide for beginners to start brewing their own coffee at home.  Read More World Heart Day 2023: Scared of dying from a heart attack? Health experts say managing fear is crucial Does a minor shoulder or chest pain make you think you are getting a heart attack? The fear of heart attacks is common given the sudden rise in cases over the past few years. On World Heart Day 2023, health experts share ways to identify the difference between a heart attack and normal body pain. Read More Are you dating a ‘bare minimum’ partner? Relationship experts dissect the type and share ways to navigate half-hearted lovers Dating a bare minimum partner can be challenging. To assist you with this emotional and mental turmoil, we racked the brains of relationship experts on ways to deal with half-hearted lovers. Read More Expert remedies to prevent heartburn and acid reflux Acidity happens due to excessive production of acid in the stomach. While occasional acidity may not pose a significant health risk, chronic acidity can damage the digestive system.  Read More

01 October,2023 07:20 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
Armin Van Buuren will perform on October 6 at the Jio World Garden in Bandra Kurla Complex at the Sunburn Arena in Mumbai.performs on October 6 at the Jio World Garden in Bandra Kurla Complex at the Sunburn Arena in Mumbai. Photo Courtesy: Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren: ‘I have been dying to come back to India’

It has been two years since the last time Dutch DJ and music producer Armin Van Buuren was in India. After having visited the country just after the Covid-19 pandemic, he can’t wait to come back here next month, when he performs on October 6 at the Jio World Garden in Bandra Kurla Complex at the Sunburn Arena in Mumbai. He reacts, “It feels amazing to be back in India. I have been looking forward to this. I think the last time I played here was 2021, just after the global pandemic. I have been dying to come back and I am happy we have finally been able to make that happen.”  Buuren, who has won many accolades, has notably been among the world’s top DJs over the last two decades. For someone who has seen the early days of trance in the 90s, the world-renowned DJ has seen a lot of change in the way that people consume the music over the years. He explains, “I was there for the earliest heyday of trance in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. A bit after the 2010s, trance music became more of a niche genre, and other genres began to dominate mainstream electronic music, such as big room and more recently, (melodic) techno." Interestingly, as more people started listening to the genre not only around the world but also in India, even the kind of music being produced has evolved to cater to them. “I think it is safe to say that even though it never left, trance music is back and bigger than ever before. As for dance music as a whole, it never stops evolving, and that is what I love about it,” he adds.  This has been possible because he has brought out many hits over the years. With fans having enjoyed his hypnotic hits like ‘Blah Blah Blah’, ‘In And Out of Love’, ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, he has not only been the Number 1 DJ a record five years but also four years in a row. In fact, the Dutch DJ was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for his single ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, which featured Trevor Guthrie, in 2014. Interestingly, it also made him the fourth trance artist to ever receive a nomination.  This comes with many years of not only producing music but also touring and playing it for people around the world. Having done it close to two decades, what inspires him to continue doing it?  He shares, “I have been touring a bit less in order to strike a better balance in my life. But I don’t think I would ever be able to stop touring completely without terribly missing it. To be able to connect with amazing crowds across the world is just so addictive.” Just before his trip to India, Buuren was in France, and Sweden before that, a few among others but coming here is always special for him.  It is the energy that he has felt while performing here that he finds to be infectious. “The Indian crowd has always been super passionate about music. They give it their all time and time again, and I’m glad that hasn’t changed in the past decade. Simply put, Indian listeners are amazing.” It is probably also the reason why Buuren can’t zero in on his favourite Indian city to perform in because he has had great performances in every city. “Every city is unique in its own way, and I don’t sell the others short by singling one out,” he adds. It is also the same philosophy he shares when we ask him about his favourite Indian counterpart.  Buuren says since he isn't clued in much on the Indian scene, it would be unfair to pick anyone over the other. However, he is definitely attracted to Indian sounds. "I actually admire the traditional Indian sounds quite a bit but I haven’t yet been able to find a way to nicely incorporate them into a track. So, while they’re no immediate plans, never say never," he says honestly. Till then, he will continuing sampling Indian food in Netherlands, which he enjoys along with working on a lot of new music, which Buuren says fans can definitely be excited about. 

01 October,2023 01:43 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
The 10-day festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi will commence on September 19. File/Pic

Mid-Day Premium Ganpati Visarjan 2023: How Muslims hail Lalbaugcha Raja at Byculla and Nagpada

In the middle of communal stand-offs raging in the country, a distinct equation emerges in the heart of South Bombay. Breaking the mould of ingrained animosity, the local Hindu and Muslim brethren come together for the colossal Ganpati celebrations. The age-old tradition associated with the tall fame of Lalbaugcha Raja transpires as a pioneering act of brotherhood in the face of sectarian divide. Lalbaugcha Raja is revered as the largest Ganesh pandal in Mumbai. He boasts of India’s longest immersion procession which lasts for nearly 21 hours. The procession weaves its route through key locations dominated by the Muslim populace – Byculla Railway Station, Clare Road, Nagpada, Dunkan Road and Do Taki, concluding at Girgaon Chowpati. Ganpati welcomed with skull caps post-namaz Year after year, Sajid Khan, a resident of Nagpada, works to ensure smooth conduct during the Ganpati procession in Muslim-dominant regions. Charing the Hindu-Muslim Ekta Committee, his office cubicle houses a photo album featuring Ganpati immersions, captured over two decades. He tells Midday, “We celebrate Ganpati like it's our own festival. After joining hands with our Hindu neighbours – we have built a solidarity that fizzled out all the tensions.” Three decades ago, this communal amity was unthinkable. With the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, riots erupted in various parts of the then-known Bombay city, leading to a deep-seated communal rivalry that claimed the lives of 900 people. Thirty years hence, the tables are turning and the city is gradually shedding its dogma-based inhibitions. At Do Taki, Muslims wear skull caps and prepare to felicitate the Raja with pomp and might. With only five days to go for Ganpati, Khan is caught up with arrangements for majestic garlands, flowers and delicious meals meant to be offered to the Elephant-headed deity. Once the procession passes through Nagpada, Hindus and Muslims – indiscernible from each other, welcome Ganesha with garlands and shower flowers upon him. Qari Lukmaan, the imam of Fine Touch Masjid, Agripada recalls how there were more cops than people during the 1993 procession. “There was a time when violent threat lurked during Ganpati procession through this area. As years went by, people recouped from those dreadful memories and revived lost friendships. Once while waiting for Ganpati, a cop told me how he finds our area to be cool as this halt is free of all lafdas!”   Peace thrives perpetually as long as acts of generosity and love float between the communities. The arms of Hindus and Muslims perform a coordinated motion to haul the chariot, propelling the 15-foot-tall idol forward. The deity also briefly pauses in front of the Hindustani Masjid, Byculla, where those who are typically seen at dargahs eagerly await Ganpati’s presence. “Isn't it wiser to stand together?"  Maulana Abdul Jabbar Mahirul Qadri Chishti, the imam at the Hindustani Masjid follows a harmonious blend of traditions during Ganesh Chaturthi. After concluding the evening namaz with the monotheistic worshippers of Allah, he steps out to welcome Ganpati with fellow Muslims. He shares that those who pray at the mosque have followed this practice since 1962. “Do you understand the violence it took to become this peaceful? Let me explain. I've consistently guided my community, just as I did in 1993, that we must not only reside here but also stay united. We have faced enough bloodshed and fanatic hatred. With the passage of time, we have evolved to become more tolerant and partake in the happiness of our fellow brothers. Isn't it wiser to stand together?" remarks Chisti. As the Raja passes through Byculla, Muslims join to perform his aarti and adorn him with marigold garlands. Bonds have been forged with the help of Gods. Mohammad Hamza, a young commerce student from Duncan Road was invited by his friend Apurv Mitra, to participate in the procession in 2012. He recalls how he mulled over the invite before finally giving in to the atmospheric cheer that parades the streets of his locality. It has been 13 years now since he donned the responsibility of serving shahi sherbet to those passing by. Each year, he prepares 15-20 drums of the refreshing drink and partakes in the community celebration at Duncan Road. His father, Mohammad Salim is an active member of the local décor committee who ensures that Ganpati ornamentation is no less than a grand gesture.  The 70-year-old unshaken immersion route The bold route of the Ganpati procession has remained unchanged for the past 70 years. Despite the communal tensions that spring from political upheavals, people from Khan’s mohalla have chosen to look beyond the theological divide and assist in preserving the traditional procession route. The spiritual camaraderie exhibited by people in Muslim-dominated zones of South Bombay serves as a symbol of unity in the face of disparity. “The renowned Lalbaug Ka Raja's fame endures until the idol is gently removed from the pandal for its immersion ceremony. The event draws thousands of participants, stretching over a 7-kilometer-long procession. The route traverses through some of South and Central Mumbai's most congested areas, including a few neighbourhoods known for communal sensitivity,” shares Jitendra Dixit, the author of ‘Bombay after Ayodhya.’ In this book, he has chronicled the aftermath of violence that erupted in December 1992. Dixit shares how despite the chaotic strife, the ritualistic procession of Ganpati remained unaltered. In areas like Byculla, Nagpada, and Do Taki, which have Muslim-majority populations, a significant police presence is deployed during the procession to maintain peace and security. It's worth noting that in 1946, owing to prior communal tensions before the festival, the Bombay Police had attempted to change the route of the procession. However, the organisers staunchly refused to comply and insisted on adhering to the traditional route. Eventually, the immersion procession took place ten days later along the same traditional path. This route holds immense significance because it is deeply ingrained in the sentiments of the people and is considered sacrosanct. Worli Muslims anticipate Ganpati Beyond the streets of Byculla and Nagpada, the Worli neighbourhood is not behind with its vibrant Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations and the spirit of Hindu-Muslim unity. Local Muslims in the region, actively participate in the procession, helping pull the chariot carrying the Lord Ganesha idol and offering flowers as a gesture of reverence. For a century now, the Shree Ganesh Seva Mandal has helmed the installation of the Ganpati idol in Worli. Arvind, the president of the Mandal stated, "Ganesh Chaturthi has been celebrated here for the past 100 years. What makes this pooja Mandal unique is that both Hindus and Muslims come together to celebrate the might of Ganpati. When the idol arrives, members of the Muslim community join us in pooja and dance rituals." Not only this, Muslims present a specially decorated chariot to carry Bappa for his culmination in the sea. Zakir Shaikh, a Worli resident shares, “Just like they visit our homes during Eid, we join our Hindu neighbours for a Ganpati pooja and immersion. This has been an ongoing tradition that we look forward to, each year.” The genesis of Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra Ganesh Utsav found its footing in Maharashtra in 1892. Back in the day, Punekar Krishnajipant Khasgiwale visited Gwalior and witnessed the grand public celebration. Upon his return, he told his friend Bhausaheb Laxman Javale about it who went on to place a public Ganesha idol in Pune after learning about this celebration. The extravagant festivities were transformed into private household affairs during the colonial period. Freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar noticed Javale’s efforts and praised it in his newspaper ‘Kesari’ in 1893. He even installed a Ganesha idol in the news publication's office the next year, and his efforts transformed the annual domestic festival into a large, well-organised public event. Encouraged by him, Ganesh Chaturthi became a meeting ground for people from all castes and communities at a time when the British discouraged social and political gatherings to control the population. The festival facilitated community participation and involvement in the forms of intellectual discourse, poetry recitals, plays, concerts, and folk dances

28 September,2023 05:26 PM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi
Zeb Bangash - a prominent face on Coke Studio Pakistan

Zeb Bangash set to perform at Times Square this Saturday

Zeb Bangash is all set to perform at the captivating Midnight Moment performance in collaboration with renowned artist Shahzia Sikander, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Du Yun, and interdisciplinary artist Eddy Kwon. This live jam will be held on Saturday, September 30, from 11:30 pm to 12:00 am at Broadway between 45th St and 46th St and is free for all to enjoy. Sikander's captivating work, Reckoning, is a digital masterpiece that graces the screens of Times Square every midnight throughout September. This awe-inspiring animation reimagines a fictional Indo-Persian-Turkish miniature painting, bringing to life a dramatic choreography featuring warrior-like figures engaged in a contest. Reckoning delves into themes of creation, conflict, and connection, reflecting universal tensions present in broader global relationships. Originally created in 2020, this intricate animation was prominently featured in Sikander's public art project, Havah to breathe, air, life, commissioned by Madison Square Park Conservancy and displayed in Madison Square Park and the nearby Courthouse of the Appellate Division, First Department of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. We are excited to announce that this multi-site project will be restaged in the fall of 2023 at the University of Houston System, presented by Madison Square Park Conservancy and Public Art. Zeb is the celebrated name behind some of the great musical hits from - Lipstick Under My Burkha (2016) to Madras Cafe, Fitoor, Highway and many more. She has done noteworthy work for Television as well as films, both locally and as well as on international waters. "Having the opportunity to perform at Times Square in New York feels like a dream come true, and getting closer to that achievement is both exhilarating and surreal. Collaborating with Shahzia Sikander, Du Yun, and Eddy Kwon for 'Reckoning' has been an awe-inspiring journey. It truly demonstrates the enchanting synergy of art and music, crafting an extraordinary experience that deeply touches the spirit." - Zeb Bangash. Zeb recently celebrated 11 years to her iconic song - Kya Khayal Hai with renowned lyricist Swanand Kirkire and music composer Shantanu Moitra, both of whom played pivotal roles in creating this masterpiece. She is also working on her upcoming album which has an off-beat redemption of a popular O.P. Nayyar song: ‘Kajra mohabbat wala.’   Zeb is a student of Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami, a master of the centuries-old Delhi Gharana. Bangash is currently working on a documentary recording of Ustaad Saami with GRAMMY-winning producer Ian Brennan. Live Musical Performance: Date: Saturday, September 30Time: 11:30 pm – 12:00 am ESTLocation: Broadway between 45th St and 46th StWhere: New York City

27 September,2023 12:46 PM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi
British pop icon M.I.A. is the first headliner of this year’s edition. Photo Courtesy: Mid-day file pic

From M.I.A to Romare: BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender 2023 unveils its first phase line-up

BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender 2023 unveiled its much-awaited first phase line up, consisting of an electrifying ensemble of 28 plus local and international artists.As part of the first phase, the organisers have confirmed British pop icon M.I.A. the first headliner of this year’s edition, making this her debut festival appearance in the country, as part of the festival’s line-up of diverse global artists who will hit the stage from December 1 to December 3 at the expansive 25-acre Teerth Fields in Pune.London-born M.I.A. started out as a visual artist, filmmaker, and designer in 2000, and began her recording career in 2002. The multi-award-winning artist, who has collaborated with the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharrell, and Lil Wayne, will be performing an array of her smash-hits including ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Borders’, ‘XXXO, and ‘Paper Planes’.In a festival first, the organisers revealed the line-up through an interactive gaming experience. The video game, developed exclusively for BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender by Nodwin Gaming in partnership with casual gaming platform Vorlds, allowed audiences to virtually interact in real-time with an exact replica of the festival site, revealing the look and feel of the festival and the Phase 1 line-up. This marks the first instance in the country of a video game being used to unveil a festival's lineup. Alongside M.I.A., the Phase 1 lineup also includes India festival debutants : 2023 Mercury Prize winners Ezra Collective; Antwerp based metal upstarts - BEAR, rising R&B sensation Priya Ragu and Afro pioneer Romare who will be debuting his much awaited live set in the country.Another name making their India debut is New-York based duo MEMBA, who attendees will recognise from their 2019 smash hit ‘For Aisha’ from Bollywood flick ‘The Sky is Pink’. Certified Gold electronic music producer Jai Wolf will make his triumphant return to India following a global tour across- The US, Europe & Australia. Other international names include French reggae duo - Jahneration & Copenhagen-based global bass star Alo Wala, known for her previous collaborations with Nucleya. In a noteworthy first, India’s happiest music festival will feature a dedicated all-female line-up handpicked from various regions around the globe on Day 2 in the main festival arena. The lineup of artists across 2 stages will include Alo Wala, Priya Ragu, Cartel Madras, BeBhumika, Lavi, Aarifah and Mary Ann Alexander in addition to the headliner M.I.A. Additionally, in a festival first the entire design language across graphics & stages will be conceptualized by well-known female artist and muralist Osheen Siva, whose work explores the themes of femininity, sexuality, and gender and its intersection with technology and society. This marks a new future-facing rebrand of the festival's visual identity. Furthermore, the organizers will set-up safety tents, gender-neutral washrooms, and frisking lines to ensure inclusivity beyond the stage.This edition will feature specially commissioned festival sets from national icons Euphoria and hip hop Dj & Turntablist- Spindoctor. 90’s Indie pop rock band Euphoria will debut a career spanning retrospective set ‘Euphoria 25’ featuring the greatest hits from across their catalog. On the other hand, Spindoctor will debut ‘Hip-Hop Sheher’, a celebration of hip hop culture and its five elements- MC-ing, DJ-ing, breaking, graffiti & beatboxing.Homegrown artists on the line-up include the indie music trailblazers - MadStarBase, The Lightyears Explode, Dorwin John, The Fanculos, Corner Café Chronicles, Second Sight, Chirag Todi, Katoptris, Raj, Shia X Zero Chill, tricksingh, with more acts to be announced shortly as part of the second phase line up.Akshat Rathee, co-founder and managing director, NODWIN Gaming said, “We are extremely pleased with the outstanding response that we received to our OG tickets and are now thrilled to present our first drop of our eclectic line-up. With a vast majority of  the initial line-up comprising first-time BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender performers we are aiming for the inclusion of contemporary and experimental genres that will appeal to universal audiences. We also seek to showcase what we care about; championing female representation and inclusivity. Curated by our festival director Tej Brar, the 2023 edition aspires to exceed its previous editions and create milestone moments and unforgettable memories. Since the festival’s launch, BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender has held a distinct reputation of exceptional programming coupled with immersive experiences and out-of-the-box concepts. This year, we are going a few notches higher as we explore newer acts, newer genres, newer themes and newer ideologies. As we remain committed to innovation and experimentation, we hope to see the community grow bigger and stronger this year."Sameeksha Uniyal, senior brand lead, Brand BACARDÍ, India & South East Asia, said, “We’re thrilled to announce the lineup for the 14th edition of our flagship music festival - BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender. We are bringing in the very best of Indian and global talent from a variety of genres to cater to diverse musical tastes, capturing the various moods of our audience across the country. After 13 successful editions, BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender stands not only as India’s happiest music festival but also as a cultural phenomenon of music discovery and community building. It has become a space for people to come together and revel in the magic of music. Each day at BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender has its unique highlights, but we’re especially proud to have an all-female lineup on day 2, featuring some of today's top artists that are all set to make audiences groove! We are hopeful that this year as well, the festival and the performing artists will garner the same love from the audiences that they have been giving us for the past years.”The 14th edition of India’s longest-running and much-loved festival is back with a feisty spirit this year, with a milestone record of pre-sale tickets getting sold out within the first 48 minutes of going live. Returning under the theme of #ItsAMood, the organizers recently revealed plans to amplify conversations around sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity besides gender equality, all of which have for years formed the core fabric of the happiest music festival.Since its inception in 2009, BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender has featured some of the most exciting artists from India and around the world, across a variety of genres. This year will be no different, with a curated selection of Indian and international artists from a multitude of genres including metal, rock, pop, hip hop, electronic, funk, and Punjabi taking the stage at the festival. Promising to be a unique reverberating escapade that celebrates the convergence of music, adventure, gastronomy, art, culture, and gaming; the three-day festival will allow attendees of all ages to experience the carefully crafted quintessential BACARDÍ NH7 vibe over three days in Pune.Attendees can exclusively purchase the Regular Season and Under 21 tickets on Paytm Insider.

27 September,2023 12:41 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
Image for representational purposes only. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Hybrid work presents diversity, equality and inclusion benefits: Study

Nearly 50 per cent of employees are expected to permanently work in a hybrid or fully mobile fashion going forward, a report showed on Tuesday. The majority of businesses agree that hybrid work presents diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) benefits.  Specifically, 69 per cent agree that hybrid working enables employees with different accessibility needs to pursue more opportunities, according to the report by research group Omdia. While 67 per cent of businesses agree that hybrid work allows employees to eliminate location barriers, 63 per cent agree that it makes employees feel connected within a cohesive team. Around 61 per cent say that it allows employees to feel less marginalised and 59 per cent agree that it helps to close recruitment gender gaps, according to the findings. Businesses are also looking for better support from their digital technology vendor and service provider partners, with 76 per cent of businesses reconsidering their existing digital supplier relationships, said the report. “More diverse work styles have impacted employee productivity, satisfaction and customer experience. And businesses need the help of digital partners, processes and technologies in navigating successful future of work initiatives," said Adam Holtby, Omdia Principal Analyst, Mobile Workspace and author of the ‘Future of Work’ report.  “Our research assists solution providers and technology professionals to better understand how they can support clients' digital workplace challenges and transformation priorities,” Holtby added. This story has been sourced from a third party syndicated feed, agencies. Mid-day accepts no responsibility or liability for its dependability, trustworthiness, reliability and data of the text. Mid-day management/ reserves the sole right to alter, delete or remove (without notice) the content in its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever

27 September,2023 11:55 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS
Celebrated thought leaders, wordsmiths and storytellers from India and 15 other countries, will explore issues at the heart of fiction, poetry, mathematics and more.

Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest to take place from October 25 to 29

The 14th edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest is all set to return -- with online on October 25 and October 26 with leading international authors such as Salman Rushdie and Elif Shafak. The festival will take place on ground from October 27 to October 29 at the NCPA in Nariman Point, St Paul's Institute of Communication Education, and Title Waves bookstore in Bandra.  The festival will maintain its hallmarks of inclusivity, diversity and innovation encompassing nationalities, genders, geographies, communities and languages.  Celebrated thought leaders, wordsmiths and storytellers from India and 15 other countries, will explore issues at the heart of fiction, poetry, mathematics, economics, communications, business, sport, health, history, art, society, nature, food, with fresh and unique perspectives that characterise the Litfest.  Participants will include Abanti Sankaranarayanan, Anuja Chauhan, Arjun Raj Gaind, Gulzar, Gurcharan Das, Faye D’Souza, Jerry Pinto, Kunal Vijayakar, Luke Coutinho, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Manoranjan Byapari, Marcus du Sautoy, Meeran Chadha Borwankar, Mehdi Hassan, Michel Bussi, Prahlad Kakar, Peter Frankopan, Rajdeep Sardesai, Ranjit Hoskote, Sam Miller, Shanta Gokhale, Shashi Tharoor, Shobhaa De, Sudha Murty, Tenzin Tsundue, Vivek Shanbhag, Zac O’ Yeah, Zai Whitaker among others.  The festival highlights will never fade: the prestigious Poet Laureate, Lifetime Achievement, and Literary Awards; the packed-hall Great Debate; an introduction to a language other than English (Kannada this year); 14 book launches; gripping indoor and outdoor stage performances; the fully subscribed workshops and the popular Book Swap. The Binod Kanoria Awards for Children’s Literature and The Rotary Writing For Peace Award, introduced last year under the aegis of the Festival, will also be presented.  Each year the festival aims to bring new experiences to its visitors. This year, in conjunction with the Goethe Institut, the festival is bringing The Infinite Library - a travelling installation that uses VR and other media to reimagine the future of libraries as interactive spaces that engage visitors through multisensory forms of storytelling. There will also be a brand new Spoken Word performance, and an outdoor performance from the UK that merges pottery and dance.  Co-director of the LitFest Amy Fernandes said, “We are delighted to present the 14th edition of the Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest, and so proud that it has become an integral part of Mumbai’s life. This year we have, as always, a blend of established stars and fresh faces, concurrent themes and traditional motifs, and sessions ranging from serious cogitation to dashes of sparkle!" Co-director of the Litfest Quasar Thakore Padamsee said, “Due to the circumstances of the past few years we have acquired a vast global digital audience, so online programming is also now a permanent strand of our festival. We look forward to engaging with our loyal audiences both virtual and on ground for an invigorating five days, celebrating The Power Of Words, which resonates through all our festival activities.” Harish Bhat, brand custodian, Tata Sons said, "At the Tata Group, we take great pride in our association with Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest. This festival has become an intrinsic part of Mumbai, offering our maximum city a vibrant, diverse and inclusive literary experience each year. Here, we celebrate writers, their art and their rich contributions to our world.This year’s Litfest will shine a spotlight on works by women as well as regional writers. The hybrid format introduced last year is here to stay – the festival will feature both digital and on-ground sessions.  We look forward greatly to welcoming lovers of literature to this festival. We are confident that the exciting program line-up will delight you." Website: Facebook: Some past participants have been the likes of A C Grayling, Adil Jussawalla, Alexander McCall Smith, Anita Desai, Amitabh Bachchan, Amitav Ghosh, Amy Tan, Anthony Horowitz, Ben Okri, Christophe Jaffrelot, David Baldacci, Farrukh Dhondy, Geetanjali Shree, Germaine Greer, Gieve Patel, Irwin Allan Sealy, Indra Nooyi, Javed Akhtar, Jeffrey Archer, Mahesh Elkunchwar, Margaret Drabble, Mark Tully, Marlon James, Miriam Margolyes, Neena Gupta, Neil Gaiman, Nick Hornby, Raghuram Rajan, Ramachandra Guha, Roger Penrose, Ruskin Bond, Salman Rushdie, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Steven Pinker, T M Krishna and Thomas Friedman.

26 September,2023 09:08 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
The upcoming album serves as a timely reminder about KSHMR’s cultural lineage and deep-seated connection with India. Photo Courtesy: Mid-day file pic

KSHMR collaborates with Raftaar for 'Legacy' from his upcoming album 'KARAM'

As hip-hop turns 50 , Indian-American DJ-producer KSHMR and ace South Asian rapper-producer Raftaar have joined forces for their debut collaboration to provide an electric club banger with ‘Legacy’, the third track from KSHMR’s much-awaited Indian hip-hop album ‘KARAM’. Over a thunderous drill-inspired beat, Raftaar showcases his lyrical prowess as he raps about the importance of legacy and how a person should masterfully build towards his legacy for empowerment of future generations. Aside from spitting verses on legacy, the track also sheds light on how artists should be celebrated with love, respect and positivity and not hate and criticism upon their passing. KSHMR states, “Raftaar was at the top of the list of rappers in the Indian scene I wanted to work with. We went back and forth over virtual meetings, where I told him about the concept of my forthcoming album KARAM’s storyline and how each track on it tells a different piece of that story. We landed on our song being the last track of the album, a reflection on the main character’s death, which I knew Dilin could perfectly execute with his lyrical intensity. I was blown away to find he’s a great producer as well. As the beat took shape, he offered lots of input as to its production and even added his own elements in Ableton. We recorded the final vocals in a Mumbai studio together and it was an honor to witness his iconic voice firsthand.” Raftaar states, “The word legacy holds a potent value in our hip hop culture. I am glad to have worked on this track with KSHMR. Whilst creating this track, I was constantly thinking about how do I want to be eventually remembered in time to come and what is the kind of heritage I want left behind to motivate a hundred other artists. Legacy these days is such an overlooked concept and this track is a reminder to everyone that if you hustle hard, you don’t do it for the fame and money only, you do it to build something much bigger than yourself, something for the community.” KSHMR’s star-studded album ‘KARAM’ which releases exclusively on Dharma Worldwide and Mass Appeal India will feature desi hip-hop frontrunners. The upcoming album serves as a timely reminder about KSHMR’s cultural lineage and deep-seated connection with India.

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At the Pethani Book Centre, books are sold at prices starting at Rs 20 and go up to Rs 500 or more depending on the book. Photo Courtesy: Aakanksha Ahire

Mid-Day Premium Mumbai's 56-year-old bookstore in Vile Parle houses over 1 lakh books

Little did the Gada family know that their pursuit of livelihood in Mumbai would lead them to run a successful book stall in Vile Parle, one of the city’s prime locations, for 56 long years.  “My brother and I came to Mumbai to earn a living. There was no specific reason behind starting a bookstall. It was easy to set up this kind of business as it required minimum investment,” says Manilal Gada who has been helming the Pethani Book Centre along with his 37-year-old son Kunal Gada.  Just like other commuters who must have spotted the Pethani Book Centre while looking for an auto outside the station, the writer too happened to pause and check out the store before heading to her destination.  There is something for everyone here Since its inception, the Pethani Book Centre has been housing all kinds of books – academic books, classic novels, second-hand magazines, non-fiction books, children’s books as well as newly launched novels.  Stacks of books are placed at the store which makes one wonder about the number of books available here. Gada laughs and says, “It’s hard to keep an exact count but I’m sure of the fact that we have a collection of over a lakh books.”  At the Pethani Book Centre, books are sold at as low as Rs 20 and go up to Rs 500 or more depending on the book. His son Kunal says, “We try to offer books at the lowest price possible to pull more and more customers.”  While books by popular authors like Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown, J K Rowling and Agatha Christie are evergreen and continue to enjoy popularity, Kunal says, “Our young generation also enjoys reading Indian authors like Chetan Bhagat, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Amish Tripathi and Sudha Murty.”  Though the bookstore does make a sale of all kinds of books, as per Kunal’s observation, the demand for fiction and non-fiction books is high among the young. In yet another interesting observation, Gada says, “70 per cent of our customers are women. They love reading books. We have women customers reading a mix of romance, thriller, finance and mythology.”    The bookstore has also had celebrities like Rati Agnihotri, a former Indian actress, visit the store regularly. Besides celebrities, the store has also been serving reputed professionals like lawyers, architects and doctors.   On being asked about the younger generation’s reading habits, Gada reflects, “The young generation does have an interest in reading but not that much. I personally believe a child’s inclination towards reading largely depends on their parents. If parents enjoy reading and are avid readers, their children will by default develop a penchant for reading. We have a third generation of our old customers coming to buy books. It is because they have seen their elders reading and thus pick up the same habit.”  Gada and his wife too are avid readers who enjoy reading Gujarati literature and newspapers. This has led both their sons to develop an interest towards reading.  Challenges the bookstore faces According to Gada, as compared to the old days when the only form of entertainment was books and newspapers, the number of readers were high. Even during the initial stages of television and radio, people sought to read to relax their minds. Today, the scenario has changed massively. “With OTT and social media, children can hardly manage to look out of their screens.” laments this bookstore owner.  Adding to this Kunal says, “To a certain extent, we also face competition from ebooks like Kindle. Amazon has also started selling books at lower prices now.”  Kunal adds, “Yet, a large number of people still prefer buying hard copies instead of using ebooks and many also prefer buying second-hand books instead of buying new ones online. Customers find it more convenient to visit the store and check the copy before making a purchase.”  Other than this, the father-son duo deny facing any challenges.  During the Covid-19 lockdown, the store faced hardships like other businesses did. However, after the lockdown was relaxed, the Gada family bounced back by making a few sales. “The business picked up again gradually and is now functioning as it did before the pandemic,” says a relieved Kunal. The secret behind the store’s successWhile most bookstores and stalls in several parts of Mumbai are struggling to earn a profit, Pethani Book Centre is one of the few that seems to be flourishing. What possibly can be working for this father-son duo?  Kunal says, “Vile Parle is an educational hub. We have colleges like NMIMS and SVKM’s Mithibai close to our bookstore. This is a huge benefit for us. The store’s proximity to these colleges helps us in attracting all college students.”  Further, Gada says, “We have been here for the past 56 years. Our legacy also works in our best interest. Our old customers help us build new customers.”  On being asked why bookstores face critical challenges, Gada opines, “Location where you sell your books matters. Besides, we are a one-stop shop for all kinds of books. Customers can find novels, academic books, children’s story books, magazines, all under one roof. Sab kuch saath mai rakhenge toh hee business chalega na. Jaisa grocery store mai apne ko sab milta hai vaisa hee iss bookstore mai bhi sab types ke books milte hai.” (If we offer customers everything under one roof, the business will earn more profits. It is like a grocery store where everything related to food is easily available.)  This business strategy of Gada’s seems to be working well for him as his bookstore sees customers come with varied requirements and return satisfied. In a day, the bookstore receives around 150-200 customers who definitely purchase at least one book. With options that don’t seem to end, at Pethani Book Centre, you are sure to get spoiled for choice. What makes the store a must-visit is the ease of spotting it. It is located right outside the railway station at Vile Parle west.  Address: 6, Sangam Arcade, V.P. Road, Opposite Railway Station, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai - 400056  For more details, you can call: 9819612377, 9833241943

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Mid-day editors have handpicked top feature stories to make up for your Sunday indulgence. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Here’s a recap of’s top feature stories from last week

We started the week by bringing to you the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations of this year. We also delved into many crucial health-related stories ranging from the need for women to have constructive conversations around sex and pleasure with their girlfriends, to exploring the health impacts of vaping and understanding the health risks of Nipah virus.  For all the music enthusiasts, on the occasion of International Country Music Day 2023, we spoke to country music fans and a musician to know their love for the genre. Besides this, we also had a candid conversation with popular Indian rapper Baba Sehgal, who took us through his music, the evolving nature of the industry, his love for food songs and unique lyrics.  To serve you a dash of Mumbai, we also spoke at large about why it is so difficult to find rental accommodation in Mumbai. This week, under our fortnightly series ‘Shelf Life’, we stumbled upon a heavenly place for bibliophiles right outside Vile Parle station that has a collection of over one lakh books. Here is a complete list of our top feature stories from last week  Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: How these Mumbaikars are using millets, chocolates, paper and books to make the idol As more people switch to eco-friendly methods of making Lord Ganesha idols for Ganeshotsav this year, there are others who are making use of chocolate to make the idols, while some are making use of clay, along with paper, and even books to decorate the pandal.Read More Ladies, here’s how talking sex with your girl gang can help you navigate your sexual needs From telling you how to have sex to ensuring you have a perfect climax, your girl gang can help you navigate your sex life better. We got an expert and some friends to talk about the benefits of discussing sex with your girlfriends and how to go about it the right way. Read More Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: How Mumbai’s different communities are bringing in festivities this year Mumbai will come alive over the next few days as city dwellers welcome Lord Ganesha into their homes. Ahead of the celebrations, spoke to members of the Tamil, Maharashtrian and Goud Saraswat Brahmin communities, who tell us about their preparations and celebrations of their culture, as they devote the next 10 days to the elephant-headed god. Read More Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: How women of Mumbai’s dhol tasha groups are playing dhols in style On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi 2023, we explore the participation of women in Mumbai’s dhol tasha groups and dissect their unique fusion of Indo-Western attire.  Read More International Country Music Day 2023: Indian country music fans, musicians on why they enjoy the genre India boasts of many different genres of music that are loved by all but among them is a simmering sub-culture of country music, which is not only being enjoyed by people of all ages but also played. Marking International Country Music Day earlier this month, we spoke to country music fans and a musician to know their love for the genre.  Read More Explained: What is the rare, brain-damaging virus that is spreading in Kerala? The Nipah virus spreads to human bodies primarily through direct contact with infected animals or consumption of food products exposed to saliva or urine from infected bats.  Read More World Alzheimer’s Day 2023: What you need to know about the neurological condition and here’s how you can help Every year, World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated on September 21 to raise awareness about the neurological condition among people. Mumbai health experts shed light on the causes, symptoms, effects, challenges and how people can help those suffering from the disease. Read More Memory cafes offer a path to cognitive improvement for Alzheimer’s patients New-age medical treatments for Alzheimer’s disease are underway to enhance the cognitive functions and well-being of patients. Innovative solutions like memory cafes, virtual reality, art therapy and tau-targeted treatment are gaining prominence in tackling the heartbreaking ailment.  Read More Are vapes really a safer alternative to cigarettes? E-cigarettes or vapes, despite being considered a safer option than tobacco cigarettes, their sale and purchase is banned in India. Why? Health experts share interesting insights.  Read More Why is it so tough to find rental accommodation in Mumbai? Finding the perfect apartment in Mumbai is like chasing a mirage: It appears within reach but not quite. We investigate the factors that contribute to the city’s inflated housing rentals.  Read More Timeless charm: Mumbai's 56-year-old bookstore in Vile Parle houses over 1 lakh books Right outside Vile Parle railway station, a bookstore with a collection of over a lakh books awaits all the bibliophiles of Mumbai. From books starting at just Rs 20, this book stall is home to classics as well as the newest novels making it heaven for all those who love to read.  Read More Originality over everything: Honestly, I don't want to change myself In an exclusive interview with amid his 'No Bullshit' tour, Baba Sehgal dives into his music, evolving nature of the industry, his love for food songs and unique lyrics.  Read More

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The festival will include an array of well-crafted and immersive attractions for attendees such as Ferris wheel rides, curated culinary delights, delicious drinks, a flea market, art installations, and a gaming area. Photo Courtesy: Nascimento Pinto

BACARDI NH7 Weekender to take place from December 1 - 3 at Teerth Fields in Pune

The much-awaited BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender is all set return with a stacked line-up, fresh new venue, thrilling offerings and manifest in the form of a new coming-of-age festival. Known to be one of India’s longest-running multi-genre music festivals, it will take place from Friday, December 1, to Sunday, December 3 at a brand new site, the sprawling 25-acre Teerth Fields in Pune. Returning for its 14th edition under the theme of #ItsAMood, the festival will pay an ode to the spirit of community, discovery, and celebration, living up to its legacy of being more than a music festival. Touted as India’s happiest music festival, audiences will get to experience their favourite and soon-to-be favourite artists live whilst indulging in a delicious range of culinary delights and mingling with like-minded folk and creating memories through colourful walkways and uber cool merchandise- everything about BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender is a mood. Widely known for its diverse top-tier programming and as a hub for the discovery of artists, the 2023 edition will witness not just a more prominent global line-up but also the inclusion of Gen Z talents on the line up, marking a new chapter in the fest's evolution. BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender 2023 will host over 45 homegrown and international artists over three days, with an eclectic assortment of genres such as metal, rock, pop, hip hop, electronic, funk, Punjabi and more spanning across four stages. Presenting a cornucopia of sights, sounds, and experiences, the festival will include an array of well-crafted and immersive attractions for attendees such as Ferris wheel rides, curated culinary delights, delicious drinks, a flea market, art installations, and a gaming area. The organisers have also introduced a new ticket category- ‘Like A Boss’, aimed at providing a unique experience this year. Attendees will get to avail access such as elevated viewing platforms, air-conditioned washrooms, a dedicated bar with premium cocktails, a complimentary drink as well as separate entry and ticket redemption lanes. In line with its environmentally conscious decisions, zero-waste, and minimal trace policies, the organisers will be committed to recycling, composting, donating, and reusing 90 per cent of all waste materials generated at the festival. Aside from the elements of sustainability, the festival will also emphasise inclusivity and gender equality to a large extent this year, with amplified female representation on the line-up as well as the inclusion of a female-led festival design team headed by renowned artist- Osheen Siva. Additionally, there will be safety tents, gender-neutral washrooms, and gender-neutral frisking lines to ensure inclusivity beyond the stage. Akshat Rathee, co-founder and managing director, NODWIN Gaming, states, “We at NODWIN Gaming are thrilled to bring the 14th edition of BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender to an exciting new venue in Pune. Our focus has always been to create a sense of togetherness within the community through music, gaming, food and art, and this year is no different. Our team, led by festival director Tej Brar is committed to crafting an experience for fans of all ages by bringing together an evolved lineup of eclectic international & homegrown acts across a multitude of genres. This edition of BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender will also see the introduction of an expansive gaming area, truly capturing the confluence of music and gaming, delivering a one-of-a-kind experience to our festival attendees. We look forward to welcoming our Weekender community and making this a truly unforgettable edition of the happiest music festival!” Sameeksha Uniyal, senior brand lead, Brand BACARDÍ, India and South East Asia, states, “At BACARDÍ, we are committed to delivering experiences and creating moments that last a lifetime. This year, we are thrilled to bring BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender 2023 back to our audiences for its 14th edition! Our aim is to create a space that transcends the borders of music, culture, inclusivity, and celebration, bringing people together to witness India’s happiest music festival. We’re truly excited to witness the love that BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender 2023 will garner from audiences this year. With an exceptional and diverse lineup, NH7 is a mood like no other!” BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender is an IP of NODWIN Gaming and is presented by BACARDÍ Experiences. The festival kickstarted in Pune in 2010 and has since been synonymous with the upsurge of independent music. NODWIN Gaming, one of the world's leading emerging market gaming and esports media companies, is a material subsidiary of Nazara Technologies Ltd (BSE: NAZARA) The OG Phase tickets for the festival completely sold out in 48 minutes of going live on Paytm Insider earlier this week, creating a milestone record. The I Was There Phase is now live, with Regular Season tickets at ₹2,999 & Under-21 tickets at ₹1999. Like a Boss tickets are sold out across 3 phases and a new batch will be available soon for audiences. Book your tickets to the happiest music festival:

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