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Remembering Yuri Gagarin: Here are 8 interesting facts about the cosmonaut on his 55th death anniversary

The Soviet pilot and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin passed away on March 27, 1968. Gagarin, whose name is synonymous with space travel was the first human to go to outer space, and the world has never been the same since then. Here are five interesting facts about him

27 March,2023 05:33 PM IST | Aakanksha Ahire
Many of the houses and temples in the precinct drew inspiration from the vernacular architecture of Gujarat and Rajasthan, regions from which its residents had come. Photo Courtesy: iStock

IN PHOTOS: 5 interesting facts about Girgaon every Mumbaikar must know

We have curated five interesting facts about Mumbai's popular locality Girgaon or Girgaum known for its diverse architecture, Portuguese-style buildings, and Raj-era landmarks. The recent industrial development and upcoming metro projects have changed the landscape of Girgaon. Earlier, the area had no high-rise towers and was marked by a close-knit community. In the 19th century, Girgaon and the adjoining agricultural locality of Khetwadi were sparsely populated, with primitive roads and simple houses. It comprised a collection of coconut plantations, garden estates like Borbhat and Mugbhat, and dense forests of ber, ack, and plantain. The extracts have been taken with permission from the book, "Bombay: The Cities Within" by Rahul Mehrotra and Sharada Dwivedi, and published by Eminence Designs Pvt. Ltd. Compiled by Ainie Rizvi      

04 March,2023 09:52 AM IST | Ainie Rizvi
The first edition of the three-day Mahindra Roots Festival saw many different musicians perform on the stage and ended on a high with the Raghu Dixit Project. Photo Courtesy: Nascimento Pinto

Mahindra Roots Festival: The Aahvaan Project, Jasleen Aulakh, Alif, Raghu Dixit Project end Day 3 with a bang

After a variety of performances on the first two days of the Mahindra Roots Festival, the third and last day was no different and bigger and much better. While the first two days saw an immersive 'Weaving Voices' performance followed by the likes of Abhanga Repost and Arko Mukhaerjee, the third day saw The Aahvaan Project, Jasleen Aulakh, Alif and the Raghu Dixit Project's infectious performances ending the first edition celebrating Indian roots and culture

27 February,2023 02:32 PM IST | Mumbai
The Mahindra Roots Festival is happening this weekend in Bandra and celebrates India's rich musical history. Photo Courtesy: Nascimento Pinto

Mahindra Roots Festival: 'Weaving Voices', Abhanga Repost, Arko Mukhaerjee take people on a cultural journey

The first edition of the Mahindra Roots Festival is underway in Bandra in Mumbai this weekend with a focus on India's culture through music. While the first day saw the likes of Bombay Jayashri, Pandit Uday Bhawalkar and Deukhan Manganiyar take to the stage, the second day was no different with Shabnam Virmani, Abhanga Repost, Arko Mukhaerjee and Tajdar Junaid enamour the audience with their music

27 February,2023 09:02 AM IST
Job loss is difficult but experts say you can prepare for it in may ways. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: istock

Layoffs: Follow these 6 tips to prepare yourself for job loss

Dealing with layoffs is always a challenge and very often because it comes suddenly, people are left helpless. While it is a difficult period, it is important that people stay positive and work on their skills than give up. Experts believe people can be prepared in many ways for job loss and suggest the following tips to start with

23 February,2023 03:46 PM IST | Mumbai
The festival shone a bright light on the extraordinary artistic abilities of the participating youth from underrepresented communities. Photo Courtesy: Govandi Arts Festival

IN PHOTOS: First-ever Govandi Arts Festival showcases Mumbai's young talent and creativity

The Govandi Arts Festival came to a triumphant end after a 5-day run of enthralling rap and theatre performances, screenings, exhibitions and workshops at Natwar Parekh Compound in Mumbai. The festival profoundly impacted the lives of the young mentees, instilling a sense of confidence and pride in their remarkable talents and roots

21 February,2023 09:07 AM IST
The immersive world of Van Gogh. Photo Courtesy: Festival House Inc.

IN PHOTOS: Van Gogh’s 360° immersive exhibition arrives in Mumbai

A never-seen-before experience has transformed walls and floors into walkable paintings that surpass the realms of physical and digital art. The exhibition is an insight into Van Gogh’s elusive imagination, emotions and mental state

16 February,2023 05:02 PM IST
The 11th edition of the Mahindra Blues Festival ended with a grand performance by Buddy Guy, Christone Kingfish Ingram, Taj Mahal and Ivan Singh. Photo Courtesy: Nascimento Pinto

Mahindra Blues Festival 2023: Christone Kingfish Ingram, Buddy Guy’s music gets the audience grooving

If the first day had the likes of Arinjoy Sarkar, Ivan Singh, The Karan Mahajan Band and blues legend Taj Mahal mesmerise attendees, then the second and final day was no less. It started with Grammy award-winning musician Christone Kingfish Ingram playing his tunes, followed by The Beatz Crew & Nanhi Kali Choir and Buddy Guy ending the festival on a high

13 February,2023 02:13 PM IST
The Mahindra Blues Festival 2023 returned to the stage after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic with a stellar line-up including Arinjoy Sarkar, Taj Mahal and Buddy Guy. Photo Courtesy: Nascimento Pinto

Mahindra Blues Festival 2023: Taj Mahal, Ivan Singh mesmerise people on Day 1

The iconic blues music festival returned to the stage for its 11th edition after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. With a stellar line-up for the two-day festival celebrating the blues, the first day saw Arinjoy Sarkar, Ivan Singh, The Karan Mahajan Band and blues legend Taj Mahal take to the stage. On the second day, there will be performances by Christone Kingfish Ingram, The Beatz Crew & Nanhi Kali Choir and none other than Buddy Guy, who will perform as part of his farewell world tour

13 February,2023 01:53 PM IST
Attendees dressed up as comic characters to participate in the Cosplay competition. Photo Courtesy: Comic Con Mumbai

IN PHOTOS: Action-packed cosplayers take over at Comic Con Mumbai 2023

Held at Bandra Kurla Complex, Comic-Con 2023 in Mumbai brought together comic geeks for a two-day event full of comics, merchandise, games, and cosplay. One of the exhibits included an exclusive graded Ironman comic from 1959 worth Rs 8 Lakhs

13 February,2023 01:08 PM IST
Displayed at Cross Maidan, these visual arts are based on the theme of Art Forward. Photo Courtesy: Shadab Khan

IN PHOTOS: Watch these innovative installation arts from Kala Ghoda 2023 in Mumbai

Kala Ghoda 2023 is buzzing with excitement to regale art lovers over eye-opening art forms. Here are our top picks of the must-see installation art from the festival

08 February,2023 04:18 PM IST
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