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May 23, 2014, 10:13 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Catch works of 14 amateur photographers at Exit Fee, and if you like their works, donate any amount to help fund the education of students in need

A new art show that opens today will have fourteen photography hobbyists showcase their works and at the same time, raise funds for students from financially weak backgrounds.

An untitled photograph from the show, Exit Fee at PL Deshpande Gallery
An untitled photograph from the show, Exit Fee at PL Deshpande Gallery

Titled, Exit Fee, the exhibition will have on display over 400 photographs that feature different tastes and flavours across landscape, portraits, abstract, fashion and wildlife. From the deserts of Rajasthan, to Maharashtrian homes, as well as vignettes from daily life, the photographs offer a glimpse into how amateur photographers have developed their vision over the years.

A photograph by Prakash Patankar
A photograph by Prakash Patankar

Laukik Joshi, one of the participants, says that the group didn’t have a name until 20 days ago, but the participants knew each other for the last three to four years.

“Most of us would meet and interact with each other at various photography tours and walks. But we had never exhibited our works in the public. This is when we decided to organise the show,” he shares.

A photograph by Prathamesh Mhatre
A photograph by Prathamesh Mhatre

But they weren’t content with just showcasing their works. “We wanted to do social good as well. So, we decided to put up a counter, where if the visitors liked the photos, they could donate any amount, as low as Rs 10, as an exit fee,” informs Joshi, thus the show got its title. The money collected from the show will go to the NGO, Vidyadaan Sahayak Mandal, who provides financial as well career guidance to students who have completed matriculation.

Joshi says that the group has another motive, which he hopes the photographs will manage to achieve as well. “We hope our works would inspire more Mumbaikars to explore their creative side and pursue photography as a hobby. A lot of us spend our weekends and free time watching movies and playing video games; why not use the time to explore our creative sensibilities?” he asks.

“Photography teaches us about colour, light and shadows, but most importantly, it makes one more aware of the surroundings, and the people around then. We start paying more attention more than before. This is what we hope to pass to the visitors,” Joshi signs off.

Till: May 25, 10 am onwards
At: PL Deshpande Art Gallery, Ravindra Natya Mandir, Sayani Road, near Siddhivinayak Temple, Prabhadevi.
Call: 24312956

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