Maid robs employer's office, leaves loot at his house...

Jan 12, 2014, 06:19 IST | Sagar Rajput

A woman, who had been stealing valuables from her employer's home since August, was nabbed after she stole a wallet from his office only to leave it behind at his house by mistake

Mumbai’s thieves are losing their edge. Officers of the Kalachowkie police station have now nabbed a woman who was stealing goods from her employer’s residence since August. Obviously she was smart, since she had evaded being caught till now. But not smart enough.

On Friday the woman, identified as Snehal More alias Kiran, was caught after a wallet her employer Bhushan Mahadik had reported as missing from his office, was found at his residence.

More was the only person who was with her employer when the wallet went missing, leaving the cops in no doubt about the culprit. More has now confessed to stealing valuables worth Rs 5,00,000 from the Mahadik residence in Lalbaug, over the past five months.

According to the police, More, who went by the name of Kiran at all the households where she worked as a daily help, has been employed by the Mahadiks since May 2013. According to her confession, she started with small items but quickly graduated to stealing more expensive stuff such as jewellery. However, she never stole too much at one go so that the needle of suspicion never pointed to her.

“Bhushan Mahadik in his statement said they had their suspicions about their maid but since they could never prove anything, they had given her the benefit of doubt. However, on January 2, Kiran aka More accompanied Mahadik to his office on LT Marg in South Mumbai.

A while later, Mahadik realised his wallet that he had kept on his office table, was missing. He immediately registered a complaint with the local LT Marg police station. A few days later, however, he was shocked to find that his wallet had reappeared at his Kalachowkie residence,” a police officer investigating the case told SUNDAY MiD DAY.

Sure that only his domestic help could have done the deed, Mahadik filed a case with the Kalachowkie police station. “We then formed a team consisting of assistant police inspector Mohan Rajpoot and constable Chavan, Utekar, Thorat, Suryavanshi and Patil who arrested the woman,” added the officer.

In her confession, More claimed she had to pay for her children’s school fees and wasn’t earning enough to support her family. Therefore, she was forced to steal valuables from her employer’s residence.

So far, the cops have been successful in recovering valuables worth Rs 3.35 lakh from More. She has been booked under section 381 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code and remanded to jail custody. 

The story in short
>> Snehal More alias Kiran was stealing valuables from her employer’s house since August
>> Last week she picked her employer Bhushan Mahadik’s wallet
>> She was caught after she kept the wallet in his house. She had forgotten that she had stolen it from his office.
>> She has not told the cops she stole to pay school fees for her kids

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