Mumbai's rendezvous with pleasant weather to continue

Aug 28, 2012, 06:41 IST | Urvashi Seth

With heavy showers bringing respite to heat-stricken Mumbaikars, the Meteorological department is expecting the pleasing weather to continue.

According to Met department officials, the presence of an offshore trough in the west coast brought in heavy showers to city yesterday, and with the trough getting stronger, the city can expect showers for the next 24 hours.

heavy rainfall,heat-stricken Mumbaikars

Confirming the same, V K Rajeev, director Indian Meterological Department (IMD), said, “The dull situation in the last few days apparently changed yesterday. Southwesterly winds have intensified and not only this, the offshore trough in the western coast, too, have gotten stronger, which brought heavy rainfall to the city. This entire process has activated the monsoons in the state and city.”

With heavy showers making their presence felt, the temperature in the city also witnessed a dip of almost five degrees. Yesterday, Colaba witnessed a maximum temperature of 26°C while the minimum temperature recorded was 24.2°C. Santacruz, meanwhile, recorded a maximum temperature of 26.6°C and minimum temperature of 24.7°C. Rainfall recorded in Colaba was 65.6 mm and Santacruz was 45 mm.

“Konkan region too witnessed heavy rainfall. Though, chances of rainfall decreasing in Konkan and Goa may be observed, there is good clouding and we can expect rainfall to continue for the next 24 hours,” added Rajeev. Rajeev also stated that rainfall was normal, and not the highest of the season.

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