Mumbai: Shopkeeper doused in hot oil during fight over headlights

Jul 08, 2016, 08:55 IST | Santosh Wagh

A shopkeeper in Kurla asks another for car headlights for his customer, as he doesn’t have the item. However a fight ensues over the price, and the argument turns ugly, and 'oily'

On Tuesday, a customer comes to Shahnawaz Ansari‚Äôs spare parts shop at CST road in Kurla west, and asks for car headlights. However, Shahnawaz is out of the item. Illustration/Uday Mohite

He goes two shops down, to ask fellow shopkeeper Jiauddin Ansari to sell him the headlights. Jiauddin has the headlights, but asks for double the actual price. The duo starts haggling over the price but soon breaks into a heated argument.

The argument escalates so much that Jiauddin turns to a nearby vada pav stall and arms himself with a fry skimmer (karchi).

Jiauddin hits Shahnawaz on the head with the skimmer. Seeing him bleeding profusely, his workers jump into action.

The workers heave the entire kadhai of boiling hot oil from the vada pav stall, and splash it on Jiauddin, whose workers also join the fight in retaliation. After a while, the workers flee, leaving locals to take the two men to hospital. Shahnawaz is taken to Noor hospital with serious head injuries. Jiauddin is taken to Bhabha hospital but is then transferred to Sion for treatment of 40% burns.

Cop speak
We have booked Shahnawaz and his six workers for attempt to murder and rioting, and Jiauddin and his five workers for injury by weapon and rioting. Once both are out of hospital, we will arrest them. One worker was arrested, while the hunt is on for the others.

- API Shivaji Bade, Kurla police station

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