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Sep 19, 2011, 09:47 IST | Ashishwang Godha

The authentic Italian fare that Favola dishes out is sheer melody in the mouth. Don't miss out the Tiramisu

The authentic Italian fare that Favola dishes out is sheer melody in the mouth. Don't miss out the Tiramisu

When one of Pune's oldest five-stars launches a world-renowned signature Italian restaurant, the hopes are high. Favola (which means fable in Italian) seemed to be doing decent business on the Wednesday night we dropped in. Considering they had just launched, we were impressed.

Pizza Pinnochio

With their flowery chairs and a renaissance look, Favola had a rustic feel to it. With its roots in Italy, the extensive wine menu came as no surprise. The well-stocked bar and detailed cocktail itinerary told us that this was one of those places that took its beverage very seriously: The beverage menu was a well-bound, lengthier one as compared to the food scroll.


We stuck our necks into the scroll and realised that this is really simple, home-style cooking. "Would you like to order?" we were asked politely. "Give us a few minutes," we smiled and replied. We stuck our necks in again. They had just the basic categories, options of insalatas (salads), a couple of soups, a few pastas / lasagnas / risottos, pizzas, a couple of meat / fish / vegetarian options in the main course and desserts. For a select few dishes, Favola also offers options of half portions. Within a few minutes, we were asked again if we would like to place our order and we requested for a little more time.

Rigatoni ai 4 Formaggi. Pics/Akshata Shetty

Before we could place the order, when we were asked the same question for the third time, we felt compelled to order. We began with a delicious half portion of Pizza Pinocchio (Rs 300). This thin-crust, melting cheese, tomato and tuna pizza was a perfect beginning, with the single basil leaf that topped almost each slice.
Next, we opted for a Rigatoni ai 4 Formaggi (Rs 295). Penne's elder brother was done al dente and sauced just right. Of course, we asked for a half, but their portions aren't the biggest, so we recommend you go with a full one.

For the mains, we chose a Lasagne al Forno (Rs 450). This baked pasta came loaded with spiced chicken mince and had the right blend of crisp pasta sheet and chunky yet juicy chicken. You can't leave an Italian restaurant without sampling the Tiramisu (Rs 275). Ours came in a martini glass and was sheer pleasure. While the consistency of the mascarpone and alcohol was just right and airy, we would have appreciated if they would have gone easier on the cocoa dusting.

Favola's service was really polite but obviously still teething. They haven't yet mastered the skill of leaving a guest alone with his company or his food but, they have warmth and attitude in place and we are confident they will learn soon. What Favola has going for them is a chef from Piedmont who weaves his culinary magic with sincerity to his country of origin.

At Le Meridien, RBM Road, near Pune railway station.
Call 26050505

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