Security ring at Anna's hospital has kin of other patients in a fix

Jan 03, 2012, 09:45 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Visitors complain they have to undergo 'unnecessary' security check every time they seek access to Sancheti Hospital to meet their ailing relatives.

Visitors complain they have to undergo 'unnecessary' security check every time they seek access to Sancheti Hospital to meet their ailing relatives. 

As police and private security personnel have thrown a ring of security around Sancheti Hospital in the wake of the anti-corruption crusader's admission to the facility on Saturday, the relatives of other patients undergoing treatment there have been facing difficulties in meeting their kin.

"All the time, they stop me from going inside the building and check my bags, although they are aware my wife has been admitted to the hospital," said Sudhakar Palshikar, who came from Nashik for his wife's operation. "We can understand that Anna has been admitted here for the past couple of days, so it is important to provide him security. But they should not do it by causing inconveniences to us. His ward is on some other floor, while we want to meet the doctor who sits on the ground floor."

Fortified: Visitors go through tight security at Sancheti hospital, where 
Anna Hazare is admitted. Pic/Krunal Gosavi

A patient's relative said vehicles belonging to visiting dignitaries and Anna followers were creating obstacles for patients. Vishwanath Jadhav, who came to meet his friend working in the hospital, was denied access to the building. "I am requesting security guards for half-an-hour as I want to deliver an important message to my friend, but they are not allowing me inside. I have also told them to send him out to meet me, but in vain," After cajoling the cops for quite some time, Jadhav finally gave up.

Security tight: Security personnel check bags of people at the 
entrance of Sancheti hospital yesterday. Pic/Krunal Gosavi 

Sakharam Jadhav, a security guard deployed at the joint replacement building, said: "We also don't like to disappoint people who are already panicked and want to meet patients. We are allowing only one visitor per patient to go inside and people are co-operating with us."

Dr K H Sancheti, director of Sancheti Hospital, said they were aware of the inconvenience and requested the people to co-operate. "On Sunday, security was strict, but we will reduce the number of security personnel as soon as Anna is discharged," he said. 

Dr Parag Sancheti said Anna's health was rapidly improving. He had solid food on Monday at lunch and is also talking to the doctors. Sancheti also said, "We have advised him not to take much stress for one month and not a bed rest. After a week, he can free to do his daily activities." 

Kejriwal comes calling
One of the members of Anna team, Arvind Kejriwal, visited the Gandhian at Sancheti Hospital yesterday. He came to the hospital around noon and spent almost four hours with Anna. While talking with media persons, Kerjriwal said that Anna's health was of paramount importance to the team members. "The dates of core committee meeting will be decided only after two days." 

Arvind Kejriwal at Sancheti yesterday. Pic/Krunal Gosavi

Asked that whether Anna will be able to campaign against the Congress in the five states going to polls as doctor has advised him not to take physical as well as mental stress, he maintained a studied silence. He also avoided commenting on RJD supremo Lalu Prasad's statement that Anna's health deteriorated due to other members of his team. Kejriwal said that the leader's charge on the team Anna is baseless. 

Laughter therapy fails to tickle
DR Kantilal Sancheti, director, Sancheti Hospital, who is a close associate of Anna Hazare, tried to use laughter therapy to cheer up the 74-year-old, but to no avail. Sancheti said, "For the first time, I cracked a joke and he did not even smile. He only grimaced in pain. Apparently, the laughter therapy is also not working on him. Anna seems to be extremely upset over the fact that the Lokpal Bill has not been passed in Parliament."

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