5 juveniles assault caretakers, escape from Pune home

Jun 10, 2016, 08:31 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

Pune: Five notorious juveniles facing trial in murder and attempt to murder cases escaped from a government remand home on Wednesday evening, after manhandling two care takers and locking them up in a room.

Two of the undetrials who ran away from the remand home have attempted this earlier as well. FILE PIC FOR REPRESENTATION
Two of the undetrials who ran away from the remand home have attempted this earlier as well. FILE PIC FOR REPRESENTATION

The incident came to light yesterday when Sharad Khurade, the superintendent of the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Udyog Kendra reformatory home approached Yerawada Police station and registered a missing person’s case for the five juveniles.

The two caretakers, Jitendra Raskar and PV Kore were injured in the incident. They were provided with medical care and have been discharged.

Speaking to mid-day an employee of the Juvenile Justice Board said, “On Wednesday, around 7 pm, after dinner these five were climbing the iron bars meant for exercise. Raskar asked them to go to their room. Since they were not paying attention, he pulled everyone down and held the hand of one of the boys [to escort them to their rooms].”

The employee added, “They started beating him. After a while, they got some clothes and Raskar was tied on the same bar. Later, Kore tried to rescue Raskar but the boys started thrashing him and dragged him to a room. In the meantime, another inmate came to help Kore, but he was taken to the room and locked with Kore. He escaped by jumping the 6-feet walls. Two of the five are now adults.”

Khurade said, “Two of the juveniles are facing charges of murder and attempt to murder while others are thieves and pick pockets, who were recently transferred back to Pune from Nashik Foster school on April 26.”

'Difficult to handle'
“The boys are from Pune. They are adults now and are difficult to handle. Because of this, we transferred them to Nashik but from there too they escaped and were sent to us again. Two of them who have escaped are booked under murder and attempt to murder charges and their case has been on trial in JJB for three years.”

An officer from the Woman and Child Development (WCD) ministry said, “We will constitute an inquiry and probe the security lapses.” Another WCD member who spoke to mid-day said, “This remand home has inadequate facilities and a staff crunch. We have been suggesting a reformation course and a long-term vocational course in the home since most of the courses there are short term.”

The officer added, “There is a lack of monitoring and also implementation of law [of separating the offenders from the foster children] is not done properly. Such notorious juveniles need to be identified and kept under observation. These children do not have proper courses for the long run and hence, such things are bound to happen.”

Repeat offenders
Inspector MR Mahajan of Yerawada Police station said, “The superintendent approached us on Wednesday midnight and accordingly, we have filed a missing person’s case. It seems some of the boys were the same who previously ran away. Our staff had previously caught them in Nigadi and Hinjewadi. We are probing the case based on pictures and description given to us.”

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