African President calls for Wenger's head

Rwandan leader Paul Kagame who is a big fan of Arsenal has asked manager Wenger to quit and join any other club. On the contrary the unmoved Wenger arranged a get-together with his players to boost their morale after three successive League defeats.

"I very much support Arsenal. But to be honest, Wenger needs to coach another team now and Arsenal needs another coach," said Kagame. "When a good team and a good coach fail for long to deliver, one of them has to change, or even both," he added through his Twitter account.

Wenger on the other hand is trying to instill confidence in his beleaguered side and has told them 'to believe in yourselves' during their special meeting at the club's training ground, The Sun reports. He also told his players not to get affected by what TV pundits and the media say and he believes in his young team's potential

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