Andrew Garfield may not play 'Spider-Man' anymore!

Los Angeles: Emails from the recent hacking operation on Sony Pictures have revealed that if Marvel makes a deal with Sony for creative control, they will ditch actor Andrew Garfield and his other co-stars from "The Amazing Spider-Man" franchise to start over with a clean slate.

Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield. Pic/Getty Images 

The emails have also revealed that Marvel and Sony are in talks over a 60/40 deal for the rights to the "Spider-Man" franchise, reports

However, reports claim that Marvel is not inclined to give Sony creative control over the character, nor are they planning on honouring the contracts with Sony's Spider-stars.

If the deal goes through, Garfield and other stars will leave the upcoming projects. It basically gives Marvel a complete do-over on the project.

The reason behind the control is that Marvel were not happy with the flop of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. In an attempt to reboot Spider-Man and rebuild the franchise to the hype it was, they want their characters back for a fresh start.

Marvel were also reportedly unhappy with Sony's apparent plans for further Spider-Man films.

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