Blackburn FC's Indian owners Venky's have been accused of "a lack of leadership" by one of the club's main sponsors.

Darwen-based engineers WEC Group claim they do not feel valued by the controversial Indian poultry tycoons.

WEC Group sponsor the Darwen End at Ewood Park, and director Wayne Wild is angry that Venky's have not replied to a letter he sent them six weeks ago voicing his concerns about their running of Rovers.

"I don't want for us to be treated like god, because we are not. We are a corporate sponsor and the owners have the authority and right to do what they see fit with the club. But I don't think they understand the issues this is causing," the Daily Mirror quoted Wild, as saying.

He added: "I just feel if I can't get a reply - as the only paying corporate sponsor - that underlines the frustrations that general supporters are having, because there is no direct contact. If my key customer had sent an official letter in, I would have replied immediately. Six weeks down the line, I have had no form of official reply. We do not feel valued."

Wild even fears WEC Group's reputation is being damaged because of their association with Venky's.