Britney willing to pay beauty company to settle USD10m lawsuit

Britney Spears has agreed to pay a beauty company to end the 10 million-dollar lawsuit over a perfume deal.

Britney Spears

Spears, 30, was sued by Brand Sense Partners - a beauty company that hooked her up with Elizabeth Arden to front her Radiance perfume.

Under the deal, Brand Sense was supposed to get 35 percent of the popstar's profit. But according to the suit, Spears and her dad Jamie entered into a secret deal with Elizabeth Arden and cut Brand Sense out of the deal, reported.

The financial terms of the settlement are redacted, but the documents make it clear. While it is not clear how much the singer has agreed to be, it is believed that she will pay the company a lump sum, as well as commissions over a period of years.

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