'Central Intelligence'
U/A; Comedy, Crime
Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Cast: Dwayne Johnson , Kevin Hart

This is a buddy movie that depends heavily on it’s actors to score the laughs. Unfortunately, the casting is off and the lack of chemistry between the two leads is plainly put- unbecoming. Jed Calvin (Kevin Hart) and Bob Weirdick a.k.a Rob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) meet up a few days before their 20th high school reunion. And the meeting may not be as accidental as it looks. Bob was the fat boy at school, the butt of all jokes while Jed was the celebrated star all-rounder who took up for Bob when the bullies got going. Bob’s reminisces of that good deed encourage Jed to be friendlier and he even lets him into his house for a sleepover. Thereafter a visit from armed F B I agents in search of Bob puts Jed on the alert but it’s already too late for him as he gets sucked unwittingly, into the action that follows Bob wherever he goes.

The intrigue about two-timing double agents with mysterious codenames and confused F.B.I agents in hot pursuit of an undercover super agent is all balderdash if you ask me. Looks like the screenwriters Ike Barinholtz, David Stassen were thoroughly confused about what they dreamt up. The heavy verbosity indulged by Jed is utterly off-putting while Bob’s personality also tends to the thoroughly unattractive despite the body show involved. Both Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are unable to dredge up enough energy or smarts to make this slap-stick laden, intended comic-actioner entertaining. The ensuing mayhem is generic and the writing doesn’t quite deliver anything new either. This is a heavy duty attempt at comedy- that is much more likely to sink than swim at the Box-office!