Decline of Windies cricket reduces Sir Garfield Sobers to tears in Lanka

Colombo: Former West Indies captain Sir Garfield Sobers was moved to tears by the current plight of the islanders' standing in international cricket.

Garfield Sobers
Garfield Sobers

Sobers, regarded as one of the greatest all-rounders of all time, cannot see any parallel between the current Windies team and the one he played in, or with the all-conquering sides of the 1970s and 1980s.

An emotional Sobers, said at a news conference shown on BBC Sport: "My whole obligation was to West Indies cricket. As I have always said, 'I have never made a run for me.'

Where are the men?
"I have always played for the West Indies teams, and it was such a pleasure and joy to be able to do what I did.

"I don't think we have that kind of person today. We might have them in different countries; we might have them in Sri Lanka, we might have them in England, in Australia, but I don't think we have that kind of person in West Indies any more who is quite prepared to play and to give it everything to their country.

And that hurts and until we can get people who are willing to play for WI in the right way, I think that we're going to be struggling for a long time."

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