Google Doodle: Adolphe Sax remembered on his birth anniversary

Belgian musical instrument maker and inventor of the saxophone Adolphe Sax commemorated with a special Google Doodle on his 201st birth anniversary.

The doodle features an illustration of Sax playing his patented saxophone against the google logo, which has been stylistically fashioned in golden italic letters surrounded by a fancy frame.

 Adolphe Sax Google Doodle

Born Antoine-Joseph Sax in Dinant, Belgium on 6 November 1814 he began to make his own instruments at an early age, entering two of his flutes and a clarinet into a competition at the age of 15. Adolphe Sax improved upon the design of the bass clarinet, his first important invention, which he got patented at age 24.

Sax's most famous invention, which came to be known worldwide as the saxophone was patented on 28 June 1846. It went on to be become a standard among musical instruments to be used during orchestras and concert bands. The saxophone's invention made Adolphe Sax's reputation and secured him a job, teaching at the Paris Conservatoire in 1857.

Other notable inventions by Adolphe Sax
>> Saxotromba: A valved brasswind instrument invented around 1844 for the mounted bands of the French military, probably as a substitute for the French horn.
>> Saxhorn: This instrument contains a conical bore and deep cup-shaped mouthpiece and its sound has a characteristic mellow quality, and blends well with other brass. The saxhorn also laid the groundwork for the modern euphonium.
>> Saxtuba: Currently obselete, the saxtuba was conceived by Sax around 1845. It's design was inspired by the ancient Roman cornu and tuba.

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