Caracas: Argentina football legend Diego Maradona said he's a "soldier" of Venezuela after a short meeting with President Nicolas Maduro.

Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona 

Minutes before departing from the capital's airport on Wednesday, Maradona said to the press he has become a "soldier" of the socialist Venezuelan government after his close friendship with late president, Hugo Chavez, and now with Maduro, reports Xinhua. "Always keep loving Chavez, the great are never forgotten," he said.

'Unfair politics'
Maradona said he supports Maduro in his struggle to provide a brighter future for Venezuelans and eliminate "unfair politics" inherited from the past. "Nicolas is doing great and having a superb presidency that gives me strength. He follows Chavez's legacy and he can always count on me," he said.

Maradona's visit to Venezuela was to thank the head of state for his support to the talk show he hosted in the Caracas-based international network, TeleSUR, during the Brazil FIFA World Cup.

The programme called "De Zurda" (Shoot from the left) was aired during the month-long football extravaganza with Maradona and Uruguayan journalist, Victor Morales.