Indian bowlers need to step up in ODI series

Oct 11, 2015, 14:04 IST | Amol Muzumdar

The focus now shifts from the T20s to its bigger brother, the ODIs. This is one format Indians are at ease with and have traditionally played well in. It's going to be a cracker of a series.

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India pacer Mohit Sharma bowls in the nets on Saturday. Pic/AFP
India pacer Mohit Sharma bowls in the nets on Saturday. Pic/AFP

However, the concern for the Indians would be their bowling. In a T20 game where you just have to bowl four overs, you could get away with things at times. Someone can fill in your overs if you are not having a good day, but in ODIs, there is no place to hide.

The batting line-ups of both teams look even. Dynamics and demands of batting are different in this version and I reckon batting between over No 15 to 40 would hold a lot of significance. All eyes are set on the series which offers great returns provided the players invest in it correctly!

On Thursday, the skies opened up at Eden Gardens as if to grieve the loss of one of its favourite sons — former BCCI and ICC chief Jagmohan Dalmiya, who passed away few weeks ago.

Passing the time
It rained quite hard, thus spoiling the fun for the crowd and millions watching on their TV sets. Cricket fans often wonder what players do when it rains and play is held up.

Let me take you in the dressing room: I have seen some players rushing to take a power nap. The physio's table is the most sort after place. Some would resort to card games. Cricketers have got strong memories when it comes to cards and they might even continue a game which they had left a few days earlier.

Apart from that, there would be few who would take a stroll around the ground. Generally, it's the support staff members who do that as they spend quite a bit of time in the changing rooms.

There are few who love playing cricket even in the break albeit with a tennis ball, showing off their ability while playing challenging games like 'one hand, one bounce'; and batting or bowling with your wrong hand. Some love to polish their football skills.

One of the more popular games nowadays is the 'footvolley' which is a very good team-bonding game. And there are some who like to do nothing with the iPod churning out tunes in the background. Though breaks appear to be boring, cricketers ensure they keep themselves occupied and entertained.

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